Message from the Indigo Children

Indigo Children Message IndigoTest.orgBeloved brothers and sisters. We bring you warm greetings of love and light. We are the Indigo children of the New Millennium and from time to time we will venture forth to share our needs and concerns with you in this manner. We observe the happenings on the planet and are in communication with our beloved ones who are preparing for their earthly incarnations. We are also gathering with our beloved brothers and sisters who are returning to the realms of light from their sojourn upon the earth plane. They are sharing their experiencing with us and we are eager to learn for embodiment in a physical form is completely new to us. Many of them have been unable to complete the unfolding of their dreams of gifting humanity with their offerings in the fields of art and music and science and medicine. For one reason or another, their time upon the earth plane has been abrupted.

For most, however, their missions were completed and so they returned. And now we are awaiting our appointed hours of incarnation. Their sharing with us and our observance of earth life leads us to want to offer our commentary to you as a means of helping you in your understanding of who we are and why we are incarnating at this time. Also, we wish to assist you in understanding what our needs are and how you can help us for as you have been told already, we are not like you. We are the advent of the sixth root race and as such we know there will be a great clashing between what you call “the establishment” and us. So in the spirit of education and cooperation, let us speak thusly to you.

We note that there is a great deal of discussion taking place now regarding acts of violence in the schools and also among the population at large. Know this, dear ones. Until the world gets our message, these types of events will continue to happen for we cannot live in the structures of society as they now exist. We are incarnating to change them and the status quo. We share your concerns about the unrest in your cities and the potential of wars. What you have accepted and simply lived with all these years we cannot accept. We dream a different dream. We hear a different drumbeat. We heed a different cadence and we answer a different call. We will break your denial of what you have created upon the earth plane.

Before we are through, we will force you to look at everything and see it for what it is. We will mirror to you your creations. As a group our behavior will show you what works for us and what doesn’t. We will afford you abundant opportunities to acknowledge your creations and to take responsibility for them. We will show you what we need to be happy and productive citizens of the world. It is our desire to leave this world in better shape than we found it but we need your cooperation. While it is true that we are young in the years lived upon the earth, do not assume we are ignorant. We carry our wisdom within and simply know things beyond that which you think we should know for our age and experience.

Pay attention to us! The systems of public education that are currently in place around the world are not for us. They are not structured to meet our needs and the challenges of the future. We would say the same about most of the private and religious schools as well. We speak here of both the physical configuration and also the emotional and mental climates of the schools. They serve us not. They are rampant with emotions and devoid of Spirit. We do not function well in the huge schools and large classes. And when we must move from class to class all day, it is very disrupting to our patterns of learning. We become over-stimulated and edgy by all the commotion and cacophony of vibrations playing out around us. Though we may appear calm on the outside, that is merely a facade, a mask we put on so we can interact with others. We cannot learn in this environment. Our needs are best met in small groups with a capable teacher who will be there for us, who can interact with us one on one, who can guide us successfully through our inner turmoil. We learn very quickly in a compatible setting and wish to progress as rapidly as we can. As we become a greater and greater percentage of the population, more and more of us will prefer to be home schooled. Here our environment is familiar and we feel safe. We look at your history and are intrigued with the salons of Plato and Socrates. Many of us would like to try that way of learning.

So we say to you again that the schools as they are now structured do not meet our needs. The setup must change or we will bring about the downfall of the entire system for we will have no need of it. We will use a different methodology for learning. We will evolve into that eventually but in the meantime we seek to open your minds to the problems at hand and to work together to change what we cannot accept. Our potential for advancing the planet is enormous and we are dedicated to that end. Make no mistake or attempt to dismiss us lightly for we are greatly empowered by our Creator. The world may well come to view us collectively as a planetary Pandora’s Box but be not dismayed by this. If we did not love our Creator and all of you so much, we would not have volunteered to serve in this manner. We know that while we will dazzle you with our brilliance, we may also frighten you at times.

Working together in cooperation the fears can be overcome and we can create a continuum of bright and beautiful tomorrows. We love you deeply and are very honored to answer the call to serve you, our Creator and Lady Gaia in the planetary ascension process. We ask you to remember your promises to us, to remember the agreements we made before you incarnated. You promised to be there for us, to love us unconditionally no matter how difficult that may be at times. Remember also that we do not fit into your molds. We implore you to accept this and us.

Let us join together to build a brighter world for all of us. Help us to create wonders not horrors. We will speak to you again at some future time. We are the Indigo children of the New Millennium and we tender you our great love and many many blessings.


Different Types of Indigo People

Different-Types-Of-Indigo-PeopleThe world around us is evolving rapidly and making its way towards the New Earth, and one of the biggest forms of evolution are the indigo children and adults. These  “special children” who were first identified in the early 70’s. These individuals are found throughout the world, defying all geographical and cultural barriers. Indigo people can be “categorized” into four different types, based on their traits.

Indigo Humanist:

These types of indigo grow up to become doctors, teachers, nurses, lawyers, politicians, businessmen, and salespeople. They work directly with the masses, and they have good verbal skills and exhibit friendly behavior. This makes them very effective communicators in whichever profession they choose. They are avid readers, and these children tend to take part in everything, hence they are jack of all trades.

Indigo Conceptual:

The indigos who belong to this category usually become architects, astronauts, pilots, scientists and engineers. They tend to get involved in more than one project at once, and they think more from the head, than the heart. They usually have sturdy athletic abilities to balance their sharp intelligence. The indigo children have a tendency to get attracted towards addiction and parents should take care of this at an early stage.

Indigo Artist:

These people exhibit artistic qualities and they are creative in nature. They excel in creating excellent stuff in whatever they choose to endorse. Such children will grow up to become writers, poets, designers, actors, teachers, artists, painters and musicians. These individuals will try a lot of genres to identify the field that suits they best. For instance, indigo artists may pursuit artistic genres such as printmaking, pottery, mixed media, watercolors, sculpture, and graphic arts, before they settle down with something that they are masters at.

Indigo Inter-dimensional:

The indigo inter-dimensional will usually exhibit an attitude as if they know everything. Even at an early age, the indigo children surprise their parents and teachers by saying things like ‘I already knew this’ or ‘I can do this’ etc. Sometimes, their superior behaviors might be misunderstood but they are actually thinkers who have vast knowledge. They tend to bring up new ways to spiritual practices which may be different from the conventional.

The biggest struggle of the indigo people is identifying their own personality. Indigo people should connect and communicate with other indigos to realize their powers and understand their traits.