Indigo Letter

Original letter to all the indigo people on earth. Thank you

Letter To The Indigos

Spirit writing by Grounded Gifts
22nd January 2012

Dear Children

It is not for you to know everything that there is in The Universe, even though for many of you the feeling is strong within you – the feeling that you possess ALL knowledge! Your hearts are so big and filled with Love that cannot be expressed on this [Earthly] plane, as here on this plane your human bodies are not equipped to connect in the total and complete bonding, one with another, that you know as, and would describe as, Love.

Fear not! Know that you are loved and that you contain within you such Love as would cause many of those around you to fail in their breathing! You hold within you a vast and endless capacity for acceptance of yourself and others, for you understand that TRUTH is the foundation of all that is good, and your search for Love on this plane is, in essence, a search for Truth.

And yet you know the Truth! You see beyond that which comes to you on this plane and you live, ever, with the disappointment that accompanies the discovery that Truth is hidden, so well hidden, on this plane. You feel besieged by the deception, the fraud and inadequacy of so much that you encounter here.

Stop your struggling! There is no need to wrestle! The Truth is YOU, my Dearest Child, and your mere presence, your Earthly living, brings Truth that is much needed on this plane. So many of you are filled with fear, because the paths you must walk, the things you must ‘achieve’ in order to ‘succeed’ on this plane are so difficult for you, or indeed, so BORING, so TEDIOUS!

Do not be dismayed by your ‘Incompatibility’! Laugh! Laugh at it! Find the humour, the beauty in your struggles and see your struggles as chapters in your learning and as gifts you bring for the good of the world.

You did not HAVE to come here! You CHOSE to come here! Yes, you are a long way from home, and yet, you ARE home! You exist in so many places, so many lives, so many levels, all at once, and you THREW a part of yourselves upon the Earth as acts of selfless Love.

For you see, even though so many of the Earthly people frustrate you, baffle you, anger you or sadden you – and you must be careful to never let your anger turn to hatred, for hatred is so very pointless for you, it is wasteful and devoid of any purpose – underneath these negative reactions, you feel, very deeply, such Compassion for those who do not connect well with you. No matter how difficult your Earthly lives, you must work towards Compassion.

You can see the Truth in those around you. You KNOW them, even if they do not know you. Never think for a moment that they do not struggle, too! They are simply more adept at concealing, or more willing to conceal, the extent of their pain.

All Earthly living is painful, all is searching for belonging, for connection. Your pain, though, is even greater, for you clearly remember Perfect Peace and you want it here on the Earth! Many of you cannot remember why you came here and cannot understand why you have chosen to subject yourselves to such meaningless and empty suffering.

Know this! You are not alone. We are with you and you are so very much loved. You came to this plane to lead by example, to model a new way of being. Your simple task is to Remember To Love.

Love is who you are, Love is what you brought with you, a love such as many on this plane cannot remember. Many of them will not remember until they are old or very close to death – until they are about to go home – and then, for them, all of the things you have been telling them will make sense.

Do not doubt your own Truth! Look inside yourself for the Love that is and has always been there. Make a very strong determination to LOVE yourself, your present selves, your past selves, your future selves – all of the light-filled selves that comprise your perfect Being.

Seek the peace that brings your Love from its inner hiding place up to the surface of your Being so that it bubbles up from within and causes you to laugh with joy. Find your Peace in trees, the natural world – even one blade of grass is your relative and your friend – in animals, in SIMPLICITY. Find the things that soothe you.

Your power is Love. It is in knowing that you carry within you the vital universal growth that purifies and eclipses all else, and that, if you will ALLOW yourself to simply Love, then each step you take on this Earth will leave Perfection behind it. You will leave a trail of Stardust as you move through your Earthly life, for Stardust – which is just an Earthly word, as there is no Earthly word to describe this – is the unseen, unchanging, Eternal Love from which each one of us was made. Love is the ingredient. Your purpose is to spread the ingredient!

You are not alone, dearest, dearest child. We are always with you. Talk to us. Don’t forget us! Whenever you are lonely, sit down and write us a letter! We will respond in ways only you will recognise, with gentleness and tender care. Allow your beautiful heart to fill with Love, for that is what you are and that is WHO you are. And your every breath of Love increases the Love throughout all Creation!

FEEL the joy that is rightfully yours. Ask us to ground you and assist you in all things. We are so happy for you for we know your path and the FEELING you desire most is within you!

Stop searching yourself for answers. Let the answers come to you! Relax, and remember, always: LOVE. Reject all other things! Everything you need is contained within Love.

We are always with you. You never left Home. Home is within you. Have compassion for others, and CELEBRATE yourself with every breath you take. You are extraordinary – and you know it! BE the Love that you seek, and all things will make sense to you. All will be clear. Love is all there is. All There Is, is Love.

Be gentle with others, and give yourself much Love. Build yourself, each day, brick by brick, with Love. Free yourself and CELEBRATE, in gentle ways. Send Love to us and we will send it back to you. You are always connected. We are with you.


A few points (for those who are interested)

– A part of our purpose is to raise the vibrations here on Earth. We do this by each person raising his or her own vibrations.

– Raising our vibrations is an act of co-creation with our Creator/Source/God/guides. It causes good stuff to be born/created throughout the Universe, including here on Earth, and including for each of us.

– One day some of us might find ourselves teaching others to raise their vibrations. In my opinion, that’s why we are learning many ways to do it, and it’s one of the reasons the subject keeps coming up. We need to know what we’re talking about, and we need to practise what we preach!

– If you feel inclined, meditate on Remember To Love. For me, Remember To Love is an awakening of the heart; it’s open-heartedness, bodhicitta. It’s the answer to life, the Universe and everything!

– Open-heartedness is something that you practise and come back to, every day. I am only just learning about it, myself.

And finally:

To you. Yes, you. I am grateful to be here with you in this moment. Very grateful. When I count my blessings, I count you twice

We are all related. Every good thing that happens to you, happens to me, too. Love to

you,wherever you are. Have a peaceful and productive day


 Indigo People on Earth


More information about the Indigo Child Test. and Indigo Adult Test Here

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28 thoughts on “Indigo Letter

  1. How do I fully awaken. I feel the vibrations within me. I’ve always known Love is the Answer. I struggle daily with my ADD but where do I go from here? Insomnia is getting worse and I feel lost.

    • Hello Simona, I believe that to look at yourself in the same mirror and see yourself is what we need to do. You need to allow yourself to release your harmonic instinct. There is a feeling, Im not sure if you have felt it, its physical, like a shiver, a vibration, a moment of complete clarity that can last as long as you allow it to. Its hard to find, its difficult to hold at first. It lifts you up onto your toes and it takes your mind and body over, its different, and its releasing, embracing, curing and enlightening. Its the natural drug, LOVE and LIFE combined. I don’t understand it fully at all, I believe that this is just a touch of what can be and what we can do. Its in everyone.

      The inherent ability to access this (I believe) I am still sceptical of whether or not I am indigo. I feel it, and I have felt it my whole life. Different, seeing it all different, issues much like your own, ADHD, “Very bright child, there is more to him than meets the eye, there is greatness in him,… if he can only apply it”. Seeing through people, having inner feelings of there is more, searching, creativity making sense of what is and what will be (with guidance) and having the confirmed answers made to you through a number of sources.

      The more I read about ‘us’ the more I understand, the more I feel FREE, I feel FREE right now, I feel like I know, I want to share this with everyone that exists, us, we, me, you, them. Its invigorating, these flashes of ‘energy,shudders,vibrations,gentle-inner-rushes’ if it is what I think it is. It could be placebo, I don’t know, it could be something Iv told myself. But make no mistake, this placebo, is REAL.
      tHis one time in my room. A bright summers day, I went upstairs just after watching a documentary called, ‘The Secret’. Way before I had discover’d any of this, now, or the interviews with Sgt. Clifford Stone and Sgt Major. Bob Dean, before I watched the ‘I Know What I Saw’ documentary. Before each of those steps changed my life one after another. Having actually seen from first hand experience, that we are, my sister, not alone. If you can grasp this, and grasp it well and good because, on my daughters life, I know it is true. I have seen them, I have felt me, like a new born child, opening there eyes so very slowly.

      I am trying to experiment with the next level and in the process, I am turning into someone I like and respect. That day, I let the information wash through my thoughts, and it made me happy to know, that I kind of already knew what was going on, to have it presented to me on a documentary, made me feel alive with relief. I felt this small, rush of feeling engulf me slowly and creep into my hair and hands, when I realised, I was on my tiptoes and so very balanced, harnessing this feeling, it was the most intense and emotional experience of my entire life. If someone had told me about this, I would brand them as crazy as I sound right now. Afterwards, I slipped back into the humdrum way of life, how can we not, it takes alot of effort to rid yourself of the overwhelming problems that we are faced with every day. We come back to our normal state and look back and say, ha’ you must have been mad to think that was happening, clearly I did something to convince myself that I was having some kind of rush, chemicals from the brain perhaps, brought on by a thought and a uni-focus. But then you come across something like the YouTube video I just mentioned with the two Sergeants. And the bottle is opened again, and you feel it again, and you look harder, and you find this, and you find answers to questions which you ALREADY KNEW and it scares and embroils you in its face-planting reality that IT IS REAL! YOU are REAL! When you can remind yourself of what we are, and what we one day are capable of, the word capable meaning having the ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing. You can flourish good deeds and happiness onto others, not by choice, by naturally doing those things because you feel great about life, it feels right, it pours from your fibres, its like being energised with it, whatever it is.
      If we can spread this, we are doing the work that ‘they’ out there, which have now intervened to ensure that humans, however they came about to this planet, survive the issues ahead. Whether we are here because initially we where to serve one of the Anunnaki races, or we are of relation to the Anunnaki, and politics determine this and kill eachother like this, it stops now! They are ensuring that we succeed in this very delicate, and awkward transition into a higher species. We are at a delicate point in our evolution, and know that the powers that be, whatever their race, their hierarchy, which are much higher than the ones that have been playing games with us for the last, who knows what length of time, are ensuring our survival. The quicker we get a grasp of this other plane, our own ability’s as a very unique, highly recognised and watched over race, by the benevolent, an watched by the malevolent kinds that are out there. The faster we can join them, and really understand that this, is not all there is, not by an intergalactic long shot my friend.

      Now this ‘feeling’ could all be a trick of the mind, and you might know or might not know what I am talking about. Im not even sure myself what I am doing here, I want help too, I need help too.

      But it is working, there is something with meditation and asto-projection and whatever it is, that is doing this to me, whatever this energy of vibrations is, harness it, because for now, that is all you need to do.

      • I know exactly what you are talking about in the entirety of your response, and this was very helpful to me as I have nearly identical experiences and identical feelings. Reading your response was almost like listening to my own mind! I’ve been in a place of spiritual doubt for a year or so, so your response was a liberating reminder. Love to you fellow indigo’s, this is much more than placebo!

      • It’s GOD!!!
        Spirit is speaking to you and guiding you!!!
        Relax… it will unfold all on its own… don’t chase it. It will happen… it’s already written.

    • Hi Simona,
      Your high energy is a resource. You probably learn concepts in class quickly, so start redirecting your energy in class by drawing on notebooks, writing thoughts, etc. That’s how I kept my mind focused in school enough to not get fidgety when the lesson became boring. The insomnia will not likely go away. It’s a constant thing. But instead of calling it “insomnia’ which sounds like a disorder, just admit that you don’t need as much sleep as many others. What I find is those first few hours of the night are best spent creating, listening to music, meditating, stretching, etc. These things are the missing piece of rest that we need as indigos. These do us more good than getting a full 8 hour nights rest. Try these methods of soothing your active spirit and you’ll notice an increase in energy and a peaceful feeling within. Being indigo means needing something a bit different for most things; including rest. <3 Hope thie is helpful.

      • This was helpful for me as I struggle w my adhd, I draw paint and create random things as it helps me to focus and put thoughts emotions and visions of things and people out of my head. I also struggle with sleep and have only recently been meditating at night prior attempting to get some sleep. Meditation and art are the only ways so far I have been able to regain balance and clarity…

  2. i struggle the same way with ADD DAILY i think i eant perfect love.and perfect peace all the time…. i have searched on many levels fot perfect love and peace ..i.almost yearn to fit in yet i dont because so many people are blind to what perfect love and peace are i hope you fully awaken your inner indigo as do i… i pray for it daily

  3. Thank you, I’ll admit I cried outright, and this just made a weight lift. Its so strange to see these words written, it is a hard thing to express in words. I have never heard of Indigo children before, and whether or not I am your words just hit home. So thank you, thank you for filling me with hope no matter how silly it may sound that is what these words did.

    Bless and love to you!!

  4. When I read this I felt like I was recieving a letter from a long lost friend. Thank you. I am so very grateful to have found this, to have read and recieved its message. I feel so at peace right now. I wanted to cry at the end. I love you too. Thank you…thank you…thank you for this.

  5. This letter really spoke to me. I have had many, many questions clouding my mind for a few years now and I believe this answers a few of them. I’ve always known love was the answer. Always. There’s something about Indigo Children that I am drawn to naturally and I’ve chosen to believe it is because I very well may be one. Something just feels right…

  6. I can’t believe I’m going to say this…a stranger came to me today and placed a book in my hands called Indigo Adults and said he would be in contact with me again soon. Curious , I googled indigo characteristics. I looked at multiple references. I matched all characteristics , every time, every time I read I cried. I got chills, but I can smell wild flowers where there are none which really soothes me. Please , tell me if I’m crazy, over analyzing , or finally getting answers for the storm inside of me.

  7. My name is Zoe Patricia Brookes, I am 16 and feel stronger in my skin and energy every day. My Mum sent me a Facebook link on Indigo Children just yesterday. I’ve always known there would be a greater understanding and one day I would discover some kind of community of others like myself. I have a very deep understanding. I know things before they happen. I can often see inside peoples souls, and know things no one else does just by looking into their eyes. I’ve always struggled, I still do, but unlike most teenagers I’m at ease with who I am… I would like to help. I’m unsure how, but I’m here for a reason. I have the entire universe at my fingertips, but there’s something dark I cannot escape. I would like to talk to someone, not as much someone who has my gifts, but someone I can help. I would like to know the answers.. I would like to have a large intelligence on our higher level. Why is it we are spread so far apart? Yet could be gathered in the same room without knowing? Who are we? Who am I? I suppose these are rhetorical questions, and one day I might lean what I wish to have answered. Thank you for the letter. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for finding your way to me. Everything happens for reason…. remember to Smile, Love and Cherish. Again, thank you (:

  8. Hello Zoe, I’m 51 years old and just learned that I’m indigo. I have had the ability to see people’s auras or as I called them “halos”(like shown in old bible paintings) since I was very young, but only recently saw my own in a mirror. This was kept from me until now. It was indigo colored, but I did not understand the meaning of the color until today, reading the words “indigo child” for the first time. I have to believe that it is the right time for me to see this for my higher purpose. Know that the “letter to indigos” on this site is right on! Make love your focus and you will discover your purpose. Love must be practiced, so use your creativity to come up with new ways to bring love into the world. Reach out to others in love and don’t sweat it if things are not going well now, since everything will come together for you in “God’s timing”(when you are ready). Start with little things and work your way up. As with me, it may take some time, but it’s worth the wait!

    • Hello, I wish words could explain what I am feeling at this time. I’m 32 years old and iv never fit in truley anywhere iv ever been. Iv always felt such a strong love for others especially individuals who have suffered greatly or are currently suffering. Ever since I was a young child my family felt I was going to be some form of a healer. As a kid my friends were the kids w the unspoken deep seeded pains (later to find out about severe physical, sexual and mental abuse, low income, drug addictions). Many of my friends when young ended up committing suicide, being taken to psychiatric hospitals, cps and incarcerated. Iv always noticed that those who are new to town as an adult were the ones who I was drawn to or were drawn to me. Iv overcome so many barriers in life but have come out on the other side. Go figure im a drug and alcohol counselor in an inpatient facility and absolutely love my job clients and coworkers. I was always the strange one, the weird or different one that i felt know one understood. I knew there was a reason for my existence and that I was meant to do something that was important. I even remember having out of body experiences as a child that would overwhelm me, scare me and create confusion. Even as an adult it happens at times. I embrace my “lable of ADHD” as I see it as a positive quality. I apologize for rambling as this is my first time recognizing or admitting the idea of being an indigo. Iv been asked so many times by strangers if iv always been weird or told I was a terrestrial fairy having a crazy bright blue and white high frequency or vibration aura. For so long I always just though I was weird and different in someway. I crave to know everything but know that will be something I will seek and die attempting to accomplish. Iv let go of all past negativity and attempt to live in the positive with love for everything. I’m so excited to have found this site and would love to learn about other indigos! If someone actually reads through this whole post, I would love for you to know how special that is to me, to find others that may be able to relate or even understand the scattered thoughts I have typed out! Thanks 🙂

      • Hi Sara you have no idea how much what you wrote meant to me. For the longest time i felt out of place. I felt as though something was wrong with me. Friends in many occasions have called me weird, different , interesting and unique. Thank you for writing a bit apart of you. If you read this dont hesitate to contact me.

      • I read it and I thank you for sharing. I have also been labeled weird or different. I’ve never fit in and have had a very hard time adjusting to my surroundings. I feel things so deeply that it scares me. Thank you for helping the addicts, as I am one and the lives you touch are so lucky to have someone like you!

  9. I started to cry tears that felt like they were being pushed out by my soul for the first time. Not sad ones, but… I don’t know. Happy tears? The message was beautiful… All my life I told myself that I felt enough love to power the entire planet, universe, and all existence. But that I had none to give it to… I was wrong. I was bottling it up and holding it back because I was scared. I was scared to show love because my human family I was born into and many I grew up with were very cold to me. But now I feel that I know that I need to figure out how to open up that bottle and release it to more than just Mother (the name for my deity), animals, plants, and my close friends and family. I need to share love with everything.

    • I’d also just like to say that I realized that would mean Indigo Children are “The Fifth Element”… (the movie) We’re pure love. I also think it’s funny that my first name means “Pure”, my middle means “Wished-for child”, and my family name means “The Guardians”.

      • My life is filled with double numbers. birthday 6/6/77. last name “the twin” astrological sign gemini-sign of the twin. first children-twins born 11-2-99. next child born 8-8-01 weighed 8lbs 1 0z and was born at 8:01. so many other strange numerical doubles it astounds me. met my partner on my mothers birthday. his birthday is the day my father died, weird. i have no doubt i am an indigo.

  10. I too have experienced these same feelings of energy coursing through me, the feeling that many of you have referenced. I have tried to find what it is that causes them and I found two important things that you all may be interested in. First is that, with just the slightest bit of practice, I was able to bring them on entirely at will even if them sometimes wont last. the second is that there is a name for this general feeling or phenomenon, ASMR, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Thos of you who understand what i am talking about should dig deeper knowing this new term and those who do not or do not should look into this emerging occurrence that seems to me to have profound implications. There is so much more to be said on this topic, but too much for a single post, and I trust that others will have much more to build onto what I have given here.

  11. Im 26. I drink and smoke weed to block my emotions.. I cant smoke anymore, drinking brings anger. How can I find joy on this planet? I have encountered a few people I connect with and it was like we had the same mind. But now I would never dare to get close to someone, it causes to much pain.

    • Hi I’m Nailea. I had the same problem and one of the things that helped me was the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous and God. Meditate and do yoga. Most importantly do things that YOU love not what everyone else wants.

  12. I’m 14 I don’t know I’m an indigo but almost all my qualities match..and i feel like I’m all alone and although I have friends…I feel like they don’t value me in their minds..and I want to know more about auras and how can I see my aura ???..sometimes for example I’m just watching TV and suddenly some thoughts start emerging in my mind and give me a sudden jerk or u can say a sudden shiver ..and I feel so weird…sometimes most of my dreams have a connection to reality …I don’t know what I am ??!!…I’m so confused

    • Hi Meenakshi,
      Do not fear the dreams or the feelings you have. heed them. listen to the senses you possess that others are not gifted with. Don’t allow the world to tell you that you are “strange.” only conform when it entails keeping yourself safe. understand that you have a special and higher purpose. you are here to help change the world. there is nothing more important than that. Being different is not a crime or a burden. it is a gift. if used properly, you will achieve great heights and change others lives for the better.

  13. After 57 years of thinking I was just so strange I have a name! I read through the traits and thought this is so me it’s scary. I’ve never felt that I’m even from this planet. This helps so much. But, I still have 26 beautiful watches that I just can’t wear. Well, I can wear them, they just don’t tell time anymore.

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