Are YOU a Starseed?

Find out if you are a starseed person inside indigotest.orgAre you a Starseed?

Starseeds are beings that have experienced life outside of the universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than the earth, although they may have had previous lifetimes on earth. There are 3 categories of star seeds:

  • Typical Starseed: Had preparation lifetimes and may have lived 5-50 times on this earth.
  • Old Soul Starseed: Has had hundreds of lifetimes on earth, these are our guardians of the earth.
  • New Starseed: Many who have had no lifetimes on earth. These include some of the Crystal and Rainbow Children.

Traits of Starseeds:

  • Difficulty fitting in, not being able to relate to people, an innate loneliness and want to return home.
  • Shy and introverted as a child. They are creative and enjoy spending their time playing make-believe rather than playing with other children.
  • Highly intelligent and inquisitive. Fascination with learning but if they feel the information is mundane, they will tune it out.
  • Often diagnosed with A.D.D. or even Bi-Polar Disorder due to the dramatic mood swings because of their sensitivity to the world around them.
  • Often had imaginary friends and created a fantasy world to explore their own minds.
  • Around the ages of 5-11, they may have experienced a paranormal experience with shadow figures or ghosts.
  • Feel more comfortable communicating and being around animals and nature.
  • Due to their sensitive nature, they often choose careers that involve healing.
  • Have difficulty deciding what to do with their life as nothing on this planet makes sense to them.

Physical Traits of Starseeds:

  • A strange tendency to bruise easily.
  • Strong bodies that heal easily after an injury.
  • Sensitivity to extremes of hot or cold temperatures.
  • Many have very acute hearing and are very sensitive to sound.
  • Eccentric or intense eyes, any color hair with a reddish tint.
  • Have an extreme sensitivity to medicine, alcohol, or drugs with a high risk of dependency. The more awakened the Starseed becomes, the less likely they will become dependent.
  • They are more “night” oriented often staying up late and sleeping in. They feel a sense of peace when night falls.

Do you recognize many of these characteristics? If you have, you may have or be experiencing a Starseed awakening that may make you question if you are losing your mind.

Do not be alarmed as these are the signs that you may be experiencing:

  • Feeling over stressed with an intense energy – Your body is now adjusting to a much higher vibration and slowly will adjust.
  • Feeling disoriented – You are not in 3D anymore and are in the process of moving into higher dimensions.
  • Increased pains or aches in your body – Your body is clearing out any blocked energy, cleansing you while your vibrations increase as you go into higher dimensions.
  • Waking up in the middle of the night – Your body needing to take a rest from your dreams as there is so much going on in them you need a “time out” to rejuvenate
  • Becoming sensitive to your environment – Not enjoying loud noises, large crowds and for some, TV or certain foods.

Starseeds more than any others on the planet have an inherent soul purpose to be of service in love, light, and truth for the evolution and ascension of Earth. They are here as guides, watchers, builders, and anchors. As a Starseed, you are approaching a time when the blissfulness of your inner states suggests that release is impending. While others around you may not know what is occurring, you will be in the forefront to show others who have not walked this way before how ascension is accomplished.

Are you a Starseed?

Love and Light.

by Ginny Marston

Find out if you are a starseed person inside


7 thoughts on “Are YOU a Starseed?

  1. Thanks for the article . Don’t know if I’m a starseed but have almost all characteristics You mentioned and makes me Wonder. For some reason I feel tranquil and much better now with my self.

  2. when I was about 5 years old a person just was there he looked like about 14 years old he had golden hair kinda long I don’t remember if it had curils or not
    maybe had larger eyes not sure we talked for a bit not sure how long. all I remember was puta lenna thom a cyci I told my grand ma she said that’s crazy talk but I all ways remembered it was like I knew him . never thought much about it that would be about 1950’s
    when I was a kid I grew up all ways going to woods by our house I would climb trees some times I would fly from tree to tree I would hang out in woods all day
    maybe I just dreamed it hard to tell.
    also I have seen 3 ufo.s about 1970’s first one was at lake sereen Lynnwood wa.
    next one was all so in Lynnwood wa. on top of gulf gas station at about 30 deg angle there was 4 small people like about 3-4 feet tall on deck working on it I watched them for about 20-30 minutes than drove off however about 2 hours went by missing time last one also in Lynnwood wa. across the street from the other one just above the roof of Mc Callster motorcycle shop also about 1970.s
    I had dreams at times at home in shoreline wa, about people working on me
    at night I also kinda remember on a ship or some place with tubes with green water like stuff in it with things maybe babys not sure in them.
    I also remember a young girl about 8 or 10 years old I knew her well she had I think larger eyes. that’s about all I remember I am old now 72 years old also about 2 years ago I had things come out of my feet tuff skin like stuff I pulled them out with peddle nose plyers
    after a few time they never came out any more
    now that I am older I think some one should know about life
    should I write a book about it

  3. when I was 18 I gave blood at blood bank
    they told me I had D or DU pos. blood my sister has O
    by the way I have blue eyes I have been told by other
    people they change to green & some times grey most of the time blue
    when I was younger nobody says anything any more

  4. when I was younger I could heal people
    if a kid got injured I could heal them I would take on the pain
    then it would go away in about 1 minute
    with some people I could feel things that happened to them
    with my wife she would work out to much legs , back what ever pain she had
    I would rub it & it would go away in a few minutes
    most of the good stuff is gone now or it takes longer
    cant fly any more from tree to tree have not tried it in 60 years
    maybe I should write a book I forget things now it comes back
    when I was a kid I would lift up my arms & I would rise in the air about tree top high I miss that it was fun back in mid 50’s in the woods
    I can teach any one to leave there body
    go to quite room dark lay down relax think about walking to next room
    think about each step everything you would do
    than get up walk & do everything thought about doing walk back lay down
    same way as you were. do it over n over again after about 6 time you will see your self out of body [ besure you go back to your body ] just try it once 6-8 times

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