Adult Test

Indigo Adult Test Characteristics

  •  Are intelligent, though may not have had top grades.
  •  Are very creative and enjoy making things.
  •  Always need to know WHY, especially why they are being asked to do something.
  •  Had disgust and perhaps loathing for much of the required and repetitious work in school.
  •  Were rebellious in school in that they refused to do homework and rejected authority of teachers, OR seriously wanted to rebel, but didn’t DARE, usually due to parental pressure.
  •  May have experienced early existential depression and feelings of helplessness. These may have ranged from sadness to utter despair. Suicidal feelings while still in high school or younger are not uncommon in the Indigo Adult.
  •  Have difficulty in service-oriented jobs. Indigos resist authority and caste system of employment.
  •  Prefer leadership positions or working alone to team positions.
  •  Have deep empathy for others, yet an intolerance of stupidity.
  •  May be extremely emotionally sensitive including crying at the drop of a hat (no shielding) Or may be the opposite and show no expression of emotion (full shielding).
  •  May have trouble with RAGE.
  •  Have trouble with systems they consider broken or ineffective, ie. political, educational, medical, and legal.
  •  Alienation from or anger with politics – feeling your voice won’t count and/or that the outcome really doesn’t mattter.
  •  Frustration with or rejection of the traditional American dream – 9-5 career, marriage, 2.5 children, house with white picket fence, etc.
  •  Anger at rights being taken away, fear and/or fury at “Big Brother watching you.”
  •  Have a burning desire to do something to change and improve the world. May be stymied what to do. May have trouble identifying their path.
  •  Have psychic or spiritual interest appear fairly young – in or before teen years.
  •  Had few if any Indigo role models. Having had some doesn’t mean you’re not an indigo, though.
  •  Have strong intuition. * Random behavior pattern or mind style – (symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder). May have trouble focusing on assigned tasks, may jump around in conversations.
  •  Have had psychic experiences, such as premonitions, seeing angels or ghosts, out of body experiences, hearing voices.
  •  May be electrically sensitive such as watches not working and street lights going out as you move under them, electrical equipment malfunctioning and lights blowing out.
  •  May have awareness of other dimensions and parallel realities.
  •  Sexually are very expressive and inventive OR may reject sexuality in boredom or with intention of achieving higher spiritual connection. May explore alternative types of sexuality.
  •  Seek meaning to their life and understanding about the world May seek this through religion or spirituality, spiritual groups and books, self-help groups and books.
  •  When they find balance they may become very strong, healthy, happy individuals.

Please note, anyone could have a few of these traits, but Indigo Adults have most or all of these 25 characteristics.


We are building a new Indigo Adult Test. Please feel free to contact us for any feedback.


112 thoughts on “Adult Test

      • I agree, I’ve always known I’m different, but I reached every quality on that test, I came to this site because I believed all three of my boys are indigo. I agree. Sometimes I feel alone and nobody understands me. I see the world and the life it possesses different than most . I can’t help but feel love for everyone even if they are trapped in there own madness or walking the ways of the world. I’m 40 and my life has had so many hills to climb and many very lonely but I see now that it just enhanced my qualities even opened new ones, still people don’t understand when life should have me down I find laughter and share love and happiness. Almost got the best of me but deep inside I don’t like sorrow, hatred, or anger. I’d rather cry at the drop of a dime than hate the world.
        Don’t ever let anything or anyone take your true nature. It’s so beautiful and rare. You are one of the richest people in this world if you find beauty in everything. Weather people have admitted it. But they are drawn to you yet they don’t know why. Even the closet friends may turn there back because they don’t understand or jealousy gets the best. I hope I have she’d some encouragement. Your all loved and beautiful.

        • I know you wrote this post a long time ago, but I feel exactly the same way. It was as if I had written the words myself. I wish it was possible to locate other indigos. Even though all my children are indigos, they are at different levels of awareness and I still feel very alone. When we are all together, it is different, we understand each other on so many levels. Being indigo is a constant struggle because people do not understand how we think and they see the world very differently than we do. I am in an awakening and am trying to understand the multiples of numbers that have shown up in the last two years. There must be a way to find others that can help us. I know there is a positive purpose so do not despair, trust that God made us to show his perfect love. I am prepared for peace.

          • I couldn’t agree more with both these comments. I myself was diagnosed With ADHD when I was young and my spontaneous outbursts caused disruptions in class settings. I never understood people and why they would play games and not be genuine. I was considered gifted with a learning disability and it sucked people around would continuesly tell me how “bright” I was but that I needed to focus more it forced me to close up in my teens and had been using large amounts of marijuana to cope with “life” and the thats just the way it is suck it up bullshit. I’m 29 now and finally sober only 3 weeks but I’ve been on a spiritual journey for over 5 years now after having a manic episode from being treated for a adult ADHD and trying to quit weed. I continuesly research esoteric ideas, read self help books and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that we must not become complacent or stagnant. Every struggle I’ve had has taught me something, but have only been realizing it in the past few years. I always feel like people look at me for help or when they look at me its on a deeper level like they see something in me, I also feel very intuitive like I know what’s bothering someone and When I was younger I would use this to my advantage to proposition sexual acts. I also hate hurting people’s feelings probably because I’m oversensitive and am hurt easy but I also talk to people and leave them to their own devices if they are in denial contradicting themselves for instance. We can all be hypocrytes sometimes but I know that calling people right out is one of the worst ways in the healing process. People need hope of a better future. I am awkening myself and it seems to be accelerating as this world is plunging into turmoil we are here for a reason and we are not nearly as strong without support from each other.

    • I think I might be an indigo child because all of these accept one (the one about having an indigo role model) applies to me. If you want to chat with me I would be cool with that. I just want to know how another indigo is like.

      • I have all the qualities, been told by others I was an indigo but its only been in the last few years I even have the slightest understanding if what that means. Its strange to think that when random people have asked if iv always been different I can honestly say yes and am now learning and realizing why.

      • It’s more than a year later and I just read your post. I may have answers or need for more questions, I don’t know. I can share some real life stories with you and I would like to know if your gifts are strenghtining in these days.

    • There is an amazing site for people who are indigos starseeds and psychics of all kinds. It is so much like Facebook but this site is all about SPirituality/Metaphysical and everything in between and you will feel right at home here honey. it is called and I promise you will feel so at home here and meet so many people just like yourself who wants to help you and further develop your abilities so that you feel comfortable with what you are doing and feeling comfortable in your own skin with your abilities and things. I hope this helps. Look me up and friend me if you’d like hon. Blessings, Love and Light to you.::))~

    • I really wanna get outta here… The system is too frustrating . I can study do things on my finger tips but really don’t find a meaning in all this. I’m an engineering student but I’ve developed interests in many other things. I just find my lifestyle suffocating me. I need peace or runaway from here! I’m not trying to say that I can’t live here, its just that I feel my potentials are a lot more than this bullshit! The whole system is fake!

    • Ive always been very spiritual. perhaps we can create a facebook page for people like our selves and parents of indigo children!

    • I have known I was different since i was a kid. I have everyone of those treaits. I feel stuck latly and like I have been lost and can’t find my life purpose and mission. I know that knowone in my family and around me understands. I am having trouble finding what I am looking for because I don’t remember what it is. I am mad how the system, and society is. I am mad at what we are doing to earth. I am mad at what we have done to nature and other living beings. I feel overwhelmed with all the things needing fixed and like I am alone in a place that is wrong in to many way to figure out where to start. I am confused and it feels like everything has been twisted and jumbled together and we have all lost something in the confusion. Am I alone on this overwhelming and time is running out feeling? Am I alone one the feeling of confusion and being lost? How can I find out what my purpose is if every book I get is never right and never really helps me.

    • I have met all the above criteria & am a little scared of our government. I have believed my son who was born in 2000 to be some sort of ‘special’ too.
      I’m very surprised bc I didn’t think this existed & how I felt & viewed my son was just another part of my struggles in life.
      I have the uncanny ability to read people & their emotions quite easily. Like I said, it’s still a shock to me!
      I’d like to see a forum where all who have this in common can discuss it.
      R Miller

    • Wow! So happy to find this site! Merry Meet all Indigos out there, I’m Heather. If anyone wants to talk I’d love to meet anyone out there like me.
      Blessed Be

    • hi my name is steve ,

      ive been serching along time for others like me ..please let me know if any of you live in fl, or in the miami area, this place feels like traped dead energy and emotional distortions i used to be connected to what i used to call collective one mind with others i felt were like me but i never knew but understood some how they are out there looking for others like us . would really love to meet others in hopes of finding or paths in life maybe as a collective soul mind we can achieve this together.

    • Hello to the beutiful people ive always known i was and thought completely diferent than most, but most of the time to the good. Im here to talk and really want to learn more. There wasnt one word above that didnt discribe me perfectly.dont usually talk so much but i know some way some how i was meant to help fix this world.

    • Hi people. Is there any specialist with whom I can disscuss the results? It’s awfull to get all answers “right” when you already are over 30 and still can’t go on with your own life… wait for your feedback! With love, Anna

      • I’m 32 and just getting into this. An adult Indigo is considered a Light Worker. A facebook group called Spiritual Quest gives readings and seems legit and also a new group called The Indigo Dream. Check them out

  1. Can’t wait for the new Indigo Adult test test…although I’m from 1978 I still don’t see myself as an “adult”.

  2. Nice test! That’s me alright, but I can control the rage with my intelligence. Rather difficult to live in this age, but I’ll manage. Still waiting for a breakthrough on the spiritual matters, but I’m still high above average, have been since I was 5-8 years old. Was a monk for seven years, but had problems with authority. Tried to control the xxx but it was hard. No formal education, which is a shame, could never really complete anything because I got bored and moved on. I’m married but have a hard time dealing with it, because I’m bored with the ignorant traditions and cannot tolerate dishonesty. Really dislike stupidity and ignorance. I miss people like myself so I’m kinda lonely, but I get my happiness from research on spiritual matters and love to read about complex matters. I’m very very curious. I know everything and yet none. Amazed that you mention the blowing light-bulbs, which is something I never really connected with my abilities, but I can see it now. I fix computers and electronics on a daily basis because I can feel them, but it only works when I’m calm. I can remote-view and often know the future. Miss my home in the spiritual world. If you want, and you have the same tendencies, then I can setup a forum so that we can support each other. What do you say? Jacksn?

    • OMG! I hear you,
      I don’t know much about fixing glitches computers (so I thought). Coworkers,friends and family come to me to fix or how to do something on computer,I have no training it’s just automatic. I’m good with all kinds of electronics.
      This may sound like I’m being conceded I’m good with just about everything.
      I’ve been accused of being a walking encyclopedia when it comes to health and what body needs.
      But I’m am being driven to find out who I really am.
      I don’t feel close to my family never have.
      My dad had a vasectomy 3yrs later I was born, No my mom didn’t have an affair.
      I do feel alone sometimes. It would be nice to interact with someone and share experiences.

      • Brenlee,
        I’m just learning about all this. I took the star child test and scored high. Then the star seed test. Scored high. Last the indigo test. Again high scoring. My question is really which one am i. All ? Having trouble with this. If any one can shed some light on this , please feel free. Brenlee, back to you. the reason why you is because i have been reading all these comments and yours really stuck out due to the fact that my boyfriend is very similar to you. when i met him 2 yrs ago, I knew there was a special reason for it. Yet he did not know. As he was lost in his life and at a low point. I told him we met for a reason and i was here to help him with his life and to reconnect with who he really is. as time went on we both started to trust each other as we got to know each other. We found that we were very much alike in alot of ways, but he still was reserved about me truly understanding him and his strange ways that no other can figure out. He would tell me how smart he is but plays a dumb role,in fear of people rejecting him’or not understanding how fast his mind is thinking of everything. How smart he is with electricity and would say those exact words you did. “Im not trying to be conceited but I’m just about good in everything.” He also is great in knowing what the body needs and is always making herbal remedies. I knew i was going to receive something in return from upon meeting and helping him and it definitely was my health needing desperate attention. Since i met him I haven’t been in the emergency room at all and i haven’t had to take a antibiotic for about 18 mo. I know he is a healer cause i am proof. He also is not close to his family at all and has traveled to many places with wrk . I looked at him as a loner with no family. But now i get it. He often would say that no one understands him cause he is to smart and knows how to do so many things. He gets bored easily . He comes from a family of inventors and wants to invent so many things for the world to enjoy for free. He want s to help the world, But is stymied. He often was feeling lonely with these great gifts of his that he was unable to share with the average human. Until he met me. Not for once did i think he was crazy or doubted him. I seen he had gifts the minute i met him. It was just a matter of time for him to trust me enough to bring it out . Most people would call you crazy and make fun of you ,so it is often that we both went through life keeping our gifts a secret.I am so glad he was brought to me. It wasn’t a accident that we met. He doesn’t like and hasn’t had a close relations ship with a woman in yrs. He tells them all , that he will be their best friend. Yes even me. but i was different. I didn’t want anything other than a short friendship. Just do what i was sent for and move on. But now its just not working out that way. I live with him and he said to me recently that I was the one.” The one for what?” I ask. “The one who is gonna be there for me when i do what i wanna do for the world. Your the one i want to help me through it cause you understand. You get it. You understand me and my invention to help the world. Your the only person i have ever met that knows and under stands me and the way i am not normal.” That was nice to hear cause now i know that he relizes i am on the same level as him and i am here to help.Sharing our experiences in life with the gifts we have, has helped us both open up and connect in a strong way. I no longer feel as lonely and i am able to talk with someone who can relate on so many levels. I would love for you to share some of your experiences, if you feel comfortable. I hope i didn’t bore you. It just felt great to talk about things that others wouldn’t understand.?? wondering if your healing on others works as well on your own body. And if you heal another , does it drain your healthy energy somewhat? Or even cause you to be sick? if so, how do you protect yourself from this.

    • Wow we could be the same. I am sure you knew that though. There are not many of us. Well not many who have figured out that we have others just alike.

      I am one. I am two. I am three. I am and so on.

      I Would love a friend like listed above. Or would love a friend like found in this forum , I need to communicate with others similar to me.

      Thanks, JPDArtist.

  3. Wow, nearly all of these describe me. I’m 56 and thought I was just weird all this time. Its almost scary because I have no idea what to do with this new found information

  4. This is mind blowing!! 24/25, I haven’t quite gotten that balance and genuine happyness. This test got me one step closer though, I always thought I was weird. That is what people have always told me as far as I can remember. This makes me see everything differently. I am so glad I stumbled upon this test!

  5. I am definitely an Indigo warrior. There’s no doubt about it. Do you have any connections in Australia? I have no connections and am very isolated.

  6. mi hermana tiene todas estas caracteristicas, ella aprendiò a leer solo viendo un programa que se llamaba “el que sabe sabe” que transmitian en la t.v. con la intencion de que los adultos pudieran aprender a leer, escuchaba musica clasica al año de edad o menor, toca piano sin haber recibido lecciones, tiene sueños donde experimenta el desprendimiento del alma de su cuerpo, incluso me ha dicho que se ha visto en el espejo con forma de humo; una vez de niñas, bajò a buscar agua a la cocina, y en la sala viò una imagen de la virgen de guadalupe brillando en uno de los cojines sine xplicacion alguna, ella saliò corriendo a decirmelo pero cuando yo bajè yo no vi nada, muy raro nosotros no eramos religiosos y ella hasta la fecha no cree en la virgen., auqnue ya ahora cree en Dios antes renegaba, buscò ayuda en libros, en iglesias y demas buscando su camino, hasta que un dia preguntò al aire si existìa Dios y escuchò una voz clara que le contestò “existo”. Tambien en la infancia llegò a desdoblarse (manifestarse en dos lugares al mismo tiempo) mientras hablaba conmigo, Ella ha tenido experiencias asi desde niña. Un maestro de metafisica le dijo que era un alma vieja.

  7. Yep that’s me I missed one though . I have a lot of “spiritual things” come my way ,my first “spiritual” encounter was when I was 4, and I still remember that. Was asking myself what’s the meaning of life at 8 years old . I have deep empathy for people , but I can’t tolerate stupidity. I remember when I was 6 , I wanted to try something with the lights in our house, so I shut my eyes and concentrated on shutting all the lights out , couple seconds later all the lights shut off , and It was only in our house( I honestly to this day don’t even know where the idea concentrate in order to do something came from, I wasn’t even educated on any of this) :/ I’m glad I’m no the only one…. :/

  8. Hi I am an Indogo child…I have all this characteristic I see ghost spirits and I sometimes enter other universe…I would like to find my other half, I am somewhat attractive Gay and 23 years old…Please tell me if your indigo or you have some super power abilities my email :-)

  9. I laughed excitedly as virtually all of these are me except lites going out as I walk under them, though maybe they have but didn’t take notice. I read all the comments and I’d be just repeating them as they all exactly how I feel. It brings me a lot of peace knowing I’m not alone and crazy. Us indigos really are challenged in this world and find it hard to find our place. Its like we are never at peace until we discover who we really are. Our vibration is high and struggle within the density and separation from spirit through the body. We see and know stuff and have no idea why we know it. I often wonder why I know so much and always seek to know more. Tonight I walked to the shops with my son and I started talking about shape shifting and the infinite possibilities of who we are. I mean, who talks about that stuff to their kids while walking to the shop….only indigos! Then we spoke about calling in light ships??? Haha
    Love to you all you fellow light keepers. :-)

  10. I felt a connection as I read the adult test questions. I laughed to myself. I will be researching Indigo adults for sure.

  11. Wow this site is awesome! Glad i searched the term indigo.That test describes me to a T.
    While meditating on my life for answers to why i am so different from others, the color and word indigo came to mind.
    It is a good feeling knowing i am not alone afterall.

  12. Much prefer this “Indigo”as opposed to my self diagnosed, ( After 40 yrs and hundreds and thousands of dollars in therapy) ” ADHD with a splash of OCD, Borderline Hypomanic” explanation!
    Turned 15 in a psychiatric hospital, “she has a very high IQ, but just spaces out all of the time” they said…I was deemed Encourageable (sp?)
    I discovered my third eye around age 8, it was the place I let all of the chattering monkeys in my head out when I wanted to go to sleep…little did I know I would grow up and find the third eye in India and realize I didn’t invent it. Saw my first ghost and spiral sphere of energy when I was 10, later as I grew I realized, I was not the only one who had seen this.
    I am 50 now, I have managed to raise three kids, become self employed for the last 16.5 years..I am fortunate that I found my niche and can function in this society on my own terms and still keep one foot in the game.
    I am so sick of the fda and impatient, political, controlling, blank followers out there medicating children, justifying all of these “disorders” suppressing these truly gifted rebellious spirits.
    I WANT TO SEE INDIGO AS A POSITIVE OPTION that shuns and over rides all this other crap!

    • I’m also indigo, I am 25 all of these things describe me as well. I am now a Reiki master as a side job, which has made me happier but am struggling keeping a full time job since I have so much trouble with authority. I feel helpless at times, I was curious what your job was and what jobs are good for indigos. I’m starting to think working for myself is probably my best bet but for now I need another option.

    • 25 / 25. I’m in a similar situation; born in 1969, (ADD diagnosed) I am struggling in this world to stay employed, and to make a living for myself. I’m also striving to bring a loved one into the awareness of his own indigo self. He is full of rage at 22. He has been extremely harmed, & I am attempting to help him heal and welcome him into love. I need help in discovering a niche that I can I succeed in, but I would really rather be able to make a living doing what my calling truly is which is helping others in this world come to love. It’s very strange and difficult to function in the world. I intensely dislike it. I’m too sensitive, and disconnected from the world. I’m very solitary and it’s harming me. Its so hard to live. I’m on Facebook Veritas et Sapientia, please friend me and message me where you found me. We Indigos should stick together. I certainly hope this awakening to love that we’re all here to help gets a little bit easier for us. Or rather I certainly hope the survival for we Indigos in this world gets easier for us. The awakening to love is what we are, so that’s very easy. Please contact me for fellowship. I may just join one of these into groups on Facebook. Blessed be, my Indigo Sisters and Brothers.

    • Same like me or similar is all I want to say.

      Thanks guys, gals, others.

      JPDArtist. Currently working on trying something different. Lol.

  13. Oh please please is there any indigo forum i can be in touch, the one that doesnt keep on asking about ghosts most of the time? From Indonesia with love

  14. Hi.
    Straight 22 times “yes” I started cry and that test explained a lot to me.
    I started feeling strange in april last year.I did not eat all most a month.Lost over 15 Kg. of waight.I knew about indigo but my son get 5th on some math international competition,then grammar in a country-3rd.I thout that my kid is indigo but me???
    Im trying to live in this world but most of law’s and regulations are sick.
    Contact me please if any of you need a world from time to time.
    On top of that over a year now what some guys consider as “conspiracy theories” I consider like knowing more about environment around me.

  15. Hi. I “scored” 25/25.. I’ve always had a feeling, that there is Something Very different in me. I’m 33 but I Still can’t figure out how To Channel My psychic abilities that I hold Inside. I’m asking help to get things further in My life.

  16. Answered ‘Yes’ to all questions. Feel free to contact me if a new test is available or if I could help to test the test. :) There’s also a good, quite extensive, test in Dutch to check if you are high sensitive and high intellect. I answered ‘Yes’ to almost all of those questions too, except specifically not the Introvert part. Find the test here and use a translator to understand if you are interested:

  17. @ j-a I’m 33 too. Believe 33 is a special age. Major transfomation as I am discovering more about myself most likely being a ‘high intellectual’ and ‘high sensitive extravert’ Indigo.

    “This is The Hour. We have been the Ones we have been waiting for.” (Hopi)

  18. @lori We don’t have a disordered personality. ADD, Borderline and Autism are misdiagnoses for high sensitve people (HSP’s). Big farma likes to sell a lot of medicine and keep us under control. Being a HSP or Indigo is a gift with strenghts and weaknesses. We are not sick, the world is.. and we are here help i the helling process. We are veteran souls, sometimes incarnated for the first time here on this planet. While we consciously decided to go on this mission and spilt from eachother, we forgot who we are and who we are here. Time is now and we are regrouping, opening eachother and awakening to our purpose. “The time of the lone wolf is over.” (Hopi)

    In’lakesh (I am another yourself)

  19. Finally! I’m emotionally relieved after 35 years on this earth to know my self isolation has not been carried in vain. This information provides a source of origin for me. Thank you so much!

  20. Thank you for doing up this wonderful site. I am 38 and definitely an Indigo. Totally immersed in spirituality, creative writing and have huge problems with authority. Sensitive, emotional and RAGE… yes. When it comes… you don’t like me when I am angry! LOL. I never fit in and constantly felt a nudging pain from within. I understand and completely feel all of you out there for we are all connected. Drop me an email, let’s support each other. I will help and share with you as much as I can from my heart. Lots of love, Wendy :-)

    • I have a tendency to damage electricity, in the sense that the electrical devices will not last Long. Well it could be from my careless trait.( however I always think I am careful)

  21. Salve,
    rientro in tutte le caratteristiche. In particolare in questo ultimo periodo ( ultimi 6 mesi) l’ho compreso completamente ( aumento profondo di consapevolezza e spiritualità ) con un conseguente miglioramento del benessere psico/fisico. Trentasei anni di profondi scossoni, inquietudini, ricerchi, quesiti, mi hanno portato a comprendere la nostra natura divina e adesso, ogni giorno di più, mi facente parte della natura e del cosmo come un tutt’uno. Il cambio definitivo è avvenuto dopo una esperienza mistica profonda nella quale ho sperimentato una sensazione molto potente a livello mentale, spirituale e fisico: qualche mese fa ho compreso profondamente e totalmente che spazio/tempo sono relativi e inesistenti, appena ho avuto questa intuizione è come calata una energia dall’alto, le braccia sono state pervase da una forte energia ( simile ad elettricità, formicolio intenso, calore ecc ecc ); da lì è iniziata un percorso profondo di coscienza e consapevolezza spirituale, unito a pratiche bioenergetiche alla ricerca del sé profondo e apertura del cuore. Volevo dopo 36 anni condividere questo momento così prezioso della mia vita con chi può comprendere. Finalmente.
    Grazie a tutti e buon viaggio :)

  22. I’m dumbfounded as to what I have just read. Still not sure what it means to be indigo but the life I have lived up until now has been one of a major rollercoaster and a lonely/sad one.

    Depression and anxiety, hypersensitivity has plagued me all my life and now at 37 I find all of this out today. I am a mechanical engineer with a passion for art and architecture, writing and poetry also if that means anything.

    When I first heard of this I thought an indigo child was born in a certain year ie 1962 -1979 or something. Is there a better way to truly indentify an Indigo child/adult other than answering the questions listed above and what are we here to accomplish?

    I just find the questions can apply to anyone and not exactly hitting the target or refining it.(engineers trait:) ) A lot of 30 year olds mentioned in the comments, are we 70’s kids?

    • my apologies I see that there are above and below the 30-40 range so that rules the 1970/80’s idea out. Glad to be here and peace to you all :)

  23. All of the above describe me well. Just wanna know does ones presence affect internet connections of any sort? I have experienced that specially when I am emotionally disturbed.

  24. I could see the future when i was a kid from 3 to 13 year old . but then its stop . i want it back , can someone tell me how can i get it back or if someone else is in same position.

  25. I am 46 years old and just realized yesterday that I am an indigo child. Up until yesterday I had never heard of indigo children. What I have been learning in the last 2 days has shaken me to the core. I always had questions about the circumstances of my life and why I am the way I am. I am finally getting the answers. It has been a long hard journey, but I am so glad I am still on the right path. I just posted on another site about my experiences and one of the things that happens to me often is the breakdown, malfunction of electrical equipment when I am near. Items will work for other people, but not me. The streetlight across from our house is the only one that’s continually burning out in the whole neighborhood. I did not know at the time of my post that this is one of the experiences of indigo children until I came to this site. I have a heightened sensitivity to food and my environment. I have all of the characteristics described above. Peace and Love to all of you who are also embarking on this journey of discovery.

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    post, we want work out more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing.
    . . . . .

  27. My son, 18, has most of the characteristic of indigo child. He is very smart, talented, he likes to write a lyric and make beautiful song, he likes to write about spirituality, excellent with technology, kind, sensitive, think differently etc etc. Sometimes he say something that makes me speechless. But lately he looks so depressed. He questiones everything, specially about how to interact with a woman that he loves so deeply. He looks so frustated and show anger to himself. He also mentions about tired of too much thinking. Is he allright? How to overcome the depressed feeling that he has?

    I read that elles has deppresion, anxiety and hypersensitivity all her/ his life. So how about other indigo like my son? Are they going to feel the same all their life? Thank you for making this website…

    • first I thought my son is an excessive thinker. But from what I read, excessive thinking is rarely creative thinking, and my son is very creative. He refuse every time I ask him to do the meditation to calm him down when he feels depressed. He always said that meditation is my way but not his way. I have no idea how to help him…

  28. I’m pretty sure I’m an indigo child for sure! If anyone wantsmto talk about Indigos just message me on (Charli3) or on (TradCat)

  29. “Have a burning desire to do something to change and improve the world. May be stymied what to do. May have trouble identifying their path.”

    The standout, the constant, steady thought resonating in my brain daily, hourly. I turn 30 this week, Capricorn, and I’ve done a lot but feel I have so much potential and talent that I need to narrow in focus and pursue. I’m seeking with all my heart the positive message that clicks and moves me in this reality to something I believe in, can throw myself into with passion, where the hours pass like seconds in pure joy and the endorphins flow. 2013 was an illumination for me and helped me quiet my rage and contempt for the world we’ve created. I found my love of self and the universe, and now I’m seeking again. I’ve faltered recently, and need to refocus to find my harmony again. Anyone else in this boat? I’d love to hear your thoughts. :)

  30. Every one of these matched me. I never even knew what an Indigo was until my boyfriend mentioned that I might be a month ago… But it all matches… It would explain why I’ve meditated since I was 4, why I couldn’t stand being dragged to church, how I knew things before I was taught, why I’ve seen things… And why I’ve probably gone through two-three iridescent light bulbs in my bedroom since I was small.. And nearly fry my laptop with static every time I get up from sitting perfectly still in my chair… But trying to find out my purpose is the one that kills me. Whenever I’m left alone I start to think TOO much. And then I get all soul searching, which just plummets me into depression when I can’t figure out where I belong or what I need to do to get out of a life stifled by my parents who do everything in their power to make sure I can’t move away (while treating me like garbage for still being with them.) I just wish I knew what I’m supposed to do. I’m a therapist for autistic kids, and I LOVE it. But even that doesn’t seem like my purpose…

    • First of all I want to send you love, peace, and happiness. I do not know if you will read this because your post is from last year, but I will try anyway. Not wanting to be taken to church probably has something to do with rebelling against the norm. Just because you do not feel at home in church walls does not mean you should lose out on the relationship with God your creator and his son Jesus who manifests the love we are trying to give rebirth to in our life time. I feel like I can worship through this perfect love anywhere and everywhere. Try heading into nature, we are drawn to the mountains around trees for refueling of wonderful energy. Be careful not to get lost or tripped up in this lifetime, you need to stop and focus your intelligence into realizing how important it is not to let your rage shape your decisions. Finding time to look at each situation like you are standing outside looking in can help keep you from making wrong decisions. Approach each thing with love and ask for guidance from God. After all it was God that made us this way and sent us into the world for the purpose of teaching love. You are important, remember to think before you act. It’s taken me a long time to realize this and now that I do, it’s making my life more meaningful. Still searching, but feel different about the journey.

  31. For all that want to know more. I’ve found answers from this person and it brings into perspective what we really are doing here.
    We are beautiful beings with a mission to complete.
    Like another star child named Jimi Hendrix once said ” Find yourself first”
    and his “Message to Love” is why we all exist on this primitive planet.

  32. So I just did the text and I got 24… But I’m also 14 years old haha ! Can someone help me please ? Maybe email me ?

  33. Whoooo, and then some. Finally nice to know I am not alone. Thanks and I love the color as wel,I have been told my aura is a grey purple color very similiar to indigo.

    Anyway If there are business minded Indigos in the INTP or similiar myers brigs personality who are looking to build a business I am an artist, sculptor, apartment building carpenter superintendent with boat building aspirations also live nature and bamboo.

  34. I sometimes feel as if someone/something placed me on this world to change something important. I boxed for 4 years and a half my record was 16-2. Im not a person you want to cross in a street fight or altercation of any kind, my hands have been registered. Yet on a daily I am faced with situations that need changing or just a good slap to wake certain people up. Along my trials of life I have lost a lung, broken several bones, been stabbed 3 times on 3 seperate times.I have also caused severe damage to others. Please dont go through what I went through

  35. I am absolutely an Indigo and I match most of the characteristics in the above article. I have been tested by our corrupt government and was told I had the highest score they had ever seen at the Tampa facility that has tested several thousand medical doctors. This means I did rather well on their test. They stated my IQ was off the chart and I didn’t bother to ask how high their chart went to. I suspect it was 180 to 190. Both of my brothers have also tested to have an IQ over 180. My son is also in the same range which I find to be amazing since his mother is a blonde bimbo.

  36. I am 28 and I fit 99% of these. I don’t feel like I’ve had many indigos in my life (except I believe my mom is a first wave). I’ve always felt misunderstood. I have ADD but never been “officially” diagnosed. I also have characteristics of Crystal. I have light eyes (heterochromia) and people feel the need to tell me all their burdens. I’m a gifted empath and already know peoples secrets without them telling me. I’ve been told for years that I’m an old soul. I’ve read that it is possible for an indigo to transition to a crystal. Does anyone else feel this way?

    • same here miss. i also see this goddamn number 44 144 and 444 a lot, like the time on your comment, 8.44. i have always been misunderstood by almost everyone except my mom who tries her best to understand me.

        • regarding the empath thing, psychic healing here in india is still considered to be the job of a pariah and is laughed at. so i wont make any money if i try to pursue that, i have to feed my family too. but i do have certain marks on my hand. if you know palmistry, i ahve the medical stigmata on both hands, a solomon ring on right(active) hand, and a faint line of intuition on passive hand. i dont know how to spot the la croix mystique, but i did, find a star on my apollo mount in my passive hand. i also have the composite fingerprint on my thumb and pinky in the passive hand. i request you to reply if you can figure out hat all this means.

  37. i have all of these qualities. my strange but rapid transformation started in 2010. i was literally a complete idiot and an introvert but now im something totally different lol. although, the sad thing is that im 22 yreas old currently, live in india and have never found out another soul like me, male or female. this depresses me a lot.
    i have never fit in social groups but not that im going to follow where the sheep herd goes. but i do feel like leading my friends into a better path and giving them good advices but that has led me to many break up with friends coz they are too egoistic. i am too but i know how to handle it. i never dominate anyone. i wish people like me come up and unite this world under one roof, this is my dream and goal of this life but i have absolutely no idea how to start. becoming this prime minister of india is one way but the politics is too damn fucked up here. i cant do that without hurting my family and thats an absolute no no. i love my mom a lot, not my father though. i cant see my mom get hurt.

  38. i see the comments are moderated. guys, we have very little time left. we gotta do something to get this wayward race outta its doomed tracks to the right one. i hope the moderators have more authority in real life than just to moderate comments on a website.

  39. these are the same characteristics as Myers Briggs personality ENTP. and ADD is a load of crap….dont care what anyone says….this is how an ENTP problem solves. there is nothing “wrong” w/any of you. you see/experience the world/or your reality different than other personality “types”, (don’t like using that word), see & experience their world. ENTPs make up about 4% of the population, (female ENTPs 2%), which, based on current world population figures, is actually quite a lot. ENTPs change the world, one person @ a time….you don’t need a lot of us….ENTPs get bored w/the same old, same old….they seek knowledge…all their lives….they want to know what they don’t know. they question everything & everyody. if there is rage….it may be due to the fact that it appears no one is willing to accept them for who they are….love them for who they are & what they are able to do for this world. do you talk out loud a lot, whether by yourself or not? when you are working on a problem? think of the abscent minded professor….does this resonate w/you? do you like to make things? improve on a design? do you look @ a stove and know that it can be used for other things besides cooking food? think of an inventor….does this resonate w/you? ENTPs can be found in the fields of engineering, law, science, design, ART, entreprenurial fields, adventurer, discoverer. i like knowing that i am an indigo/ENTP/female….however…….we are nothing new….we have been around forever. Namaste

  40. I’m a crystal human, confirmed by a aura photographer named Bobby Sullivan, by a reiki master Patricia McHenry, and by the Sistrum channel in St. Paul, MN. I was wondering if possibly this might be true for other star children as far as a physical test or indicator to help others find out if they may be a star child. Take a pendulum and hold it with the crystal hanging above your head. I’m curious if other star children find that the pendulum swings like a helicopter in a clockwise circle in response to their aura ( rather intense more on the head/third eye/ heart chakras)….but all chakras are open it seems for myself. I’m wondering if this is a common trait of star children and if so,this could serve as a concrete physical test or indication that one is a star child. Also, another way to “physically” test is aura photography. The aura will most likely be rather strong or bold/big in color I’m guessing. I’m not an expert though but I do know when I had mine done, the aura photographer could see it in the photo (crystal energy that is).
    And for my questions, I’m curious if other crystal/ star children experience: often occurring in other people’s dreams, fast reflexes, a strong dislike of the media, competition/comparing to see who is better, although we do compare similarities and differences to see connections and patterns but realize that it’s not so much a matter of skill ( who is better) but rather it depends on the perspective or personal taste of what an individual likes/dislikes. And, although I didn’t always feel this way, I’ve come to not care (and even am repulsed/ hurt by) the following issues: about looks of a person (at all and am actually heart broken for the lack of love for people who aren’t considered physically attractive and all of the superficial discrimination to go with it), competition or being motivated by awards and prizes, the need to impress or stroke an ego (including pick up lines, politics, fame, reputation, etc), celebrities and gossip or idealization of people, sports teams, holidays, the need to hide fears/”weaknesses” and appear to be brave and all knowing to others…and I tried but don’t really get the bar scene (how one supposedly meets a mate/companion for life while drinking substances that alter your judgement doesn’t quite make sense), games, parties, social functions like graduation ceremonies, weddings, movies, malls, etc….I used to at one point find some of these entertaining but now I currently am far more amused by the following: making connections or patterns with numbers, music, geometry, words/letters, shapes, binary, colors, etc; taking photos using holograms, kaleidoscopes, diffraction grating film, prism scopes, faceted glass, water, magnifying glass sheets, electroplasma lamps, glitter vortex lamp, water, mirrors (infinity mirrors) and other funky night lights/ reflective items, and forms of creativity….curious if others have similar or different experiences.
    Also, am curious if other crystals ever experience visions of kaleidoscopic mosaic psychedelic images every so often (like seeing stars here and there or similar to such). Thanks for entertaining random curiosities of thy mind.
    Adria Sorensen

  41. I have all these, but I don’t feel the peace calmness and power within my self that I sense from actual indigo children. The worst depressive state I have ever been in was when I found out that there is no physical way possible way to travel beyond the universe. I was very young when I found this out (21 now) I spent most of my teenage years depressed over this and trying to get my mind and spiritual self there. I also Have a strong sense of the 60’s like as if I was meant to be a person back there ( I was born in 95) Such a strong sense of nostalgia for a past before me. The super natural world around has never hidden it’s self. But because my parents ( adoptive) were strong upstanding Christians I was afraid to explore it because to them these things were demonic or of the devil. I’m highly open minded to a lot of things. and I just can’t wrap my head around anyone who can live a life being close minded or believing that one thing is THE THING. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 19 but the adderall they gave didn’t work ( 90 ml) once daily. I started to take more then one of them a day thinking that it would work. But I have found that it didn’t work no matter how big the dose.
    In conclusion I don’t know whats wrong with me but I just don’t feel the that strong presence in my self like the indigo children emit when I was meet them.

  42. this is interesting, everything listed i can relate to, when i was younger i seen things i couldn’t explain and still today, more then a few times a random person has walked up to me and told me i had a light over me…and like i said EVERYTHING listed above happened to me… i could write page after page explaining but who will listen?

  43. I found I have like 14 out of the 25 characteristics. Like I could have good grades if I am interested in doing well, l’m 29, so it has taken me a lot of time to adjust to this mind set. I don’t have the psychic abilities. I mean, sometimes I feel like I have peoples faces on mine combined with the fact that I can see myself in a cinematographic – movie – in my head. I don’t think it is a psychic ability, I think of it as a gift, that I can see reality in my head like a movie, but that’s it. It doesn’t hinder me from daily tasks, my mind wanders and THAT does hinder me, but this seeing a movie of reality in my head only happens when I talk about it or when I think about it.

    I remember like in 2007 I thought I was an Indigo Adult and I wrote on a forum or e-mailed someone ’cause I was looking for my Indigo brothers and sisters and the reply was furious. Like the person that wrote me back was pissed off at me. So I dismissed it completely. I do believe in energy, frequency and I am hypersensible to people’s emotions and I can feel how they manifest physically.

  44. Hi… I’m Nathan. And I’m an indigo. This thing that makes us different is beautiful. More beautiful than anything I’ve known before. I’m 17. And I’ve got a great understanding of what’s around me… More than most full adults. We are not just an essence… We are not just other people… We are basically talking about a new race of man and woman. Evolution in a form so to speak. And yet we can be marked as spiritual. This world… It’s falling in a whole and it’s about damn time that it changes… And that change is going to be with us. The New World… The new human race.

  45. You know….ive thought up untill right meow that i was alone. ive dreamt of this…ive needed this for so damn long, the conformation that i am not insane, and not alone. ive always known. i felt it stem from the farthest reaches of my soul…even i could not deny it, but have always kept that feeling deep inside….so thank you :) by nothing more, than who you are, youve saved me from, a world so dark, all at once i breathe it out, from all the years, of all the doubt, by nothing more, than an old mirrored heart, youve healed my longing soul, and givin birth to some really cool art :)

  46. Felt like i was reading my mind up there.
    its so precise.

    Can’t find anyone word fit enough to describe this experience.

    so what happens if your indigo?

  47. its strange….my mother just sent me the link to this page. i have always wondered why i was so different. why i always question everythingthing. why think so deeply. why i feel what everyone is feeling all the time. why i feel so alone. why it always felt like there was nobody in the world who could possibly understand what im going through. why i feel so deeply and powerfully. why i would go for my nightly walks with my daughter and the street lights that seemed to be fine only moments ago all went out as soon as i walked under them…it was like something out of a horror movie, and did not happen only once but every single night that i took my daughter for her walk. i can “feel” thoughts and auras. i spent so much of my teenage years trying to shut everyone out because it drove me near insanity to not be able to differentiate others emotions from my own. i never understood why i could “feel” the life of the earth. why my dreams always seem so real. why i would get hurt in my dream only to wake up with the same injury in the very same spot that i had in my dream. i always felt so….different. ive always had probllems conforming. ive always had this deep understanding for things that most people dont think about even once in their lifetime. i have been told by so many people, doctors and therapists included, that my ability of understanding and empathy are unlike anything they had ever seen. i have always felt that there is just so much more to life. i feel so….lost….and its truely ironic because i see beauty in even the darkest of things…my passions…my interests… lie in my fears…i find the most beauty and curiosity in that whch i fear most. my thoughts constantly stray, as you can see. they are constantly jumbled and racing. its as though my mind can never settle on a single thought for too long. i long for normality, but i do not know what it truely is. my daughter, it seems, has inherited all these traits as well. i see so much of what i was like in her. she is only turning three but its easy to see she has an old soul. i only hope i can help her find her path with as little struggle as possible. i do not want her to suffer as i have, and still do.

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