Indigo Child Test

1. Does your child expect to be treated as an equal instead of a child?
2. Is your child easily, emotionally triggered?
3. Does your child have difficulty with discipline and authority?
4. Is your child frustrated with ritual-oriented systems that require little creativity?
5. Does your child have a gentle, sensitive, spirit and caring heart?
6. Does your child have food or environmental sensitivities?
7. Does your child dislike being rushed or not seem to have a sense of time in a traditional way?
8. Does your child have an interest in spiritual things?
9. Does your child appear to be an old soul or wise beyond their years?
10. Does your child seem to have a very creative imagination or to be a daydreamer?
11. Did your child come into the world with an attitude?
12. Does your child refuse to do certain things they are told to do?
13. Is your child a non-conformist?
14. Does your child see better ways of doing things at home and at school?
15. Is homework a source of conflict in your home?
16. Does your child appear to have a short attention span and at other times incredible focus?
17. Is your child particularly creative in areas of art, music, science and/or technology?
18. Does your child display intuition or knowledge of things that are unexplainable?
19. Did your child display an early ability and desire to learn and appear to be very intelligent in some areas?
20. Does your child talk to or about โ€œimaginaryโ€ friends or see things that you cannot?
21. Does your child refuse to respond to parenting techniques that were used on you as a child?
22. Does your child have a strong interest in the environment and other living creatures?
23. Does your child have trouble getting to sleep or have night terrors?


If you answered yes to more than 14 questions you are probably parenting an Indigo or are an Indigo. If your score is above 19 you are almost definitely parenting an Indigo Child. This Quiz has been developed from a combination of people including: Lee Carol, Jan Tober, Doreen Virtue, Jan Yordy, and Vicki Lass.

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117 thoughts on “Indigo Child Test

  1. This describe me exactly I’m 13 and I’v always felt difrent in some ways but my parents aren’t vary supperstishes and am sacred to tell them all the other tests i’v taken all say i am too the only thing difrent is the old age thing also is it normal for us to be able to just feel what people are thinking thank you all so vary much i love you all

    • I think that it is common for Indigos to feel others’ emotions. I would recommend getting tested as an empath. Also, I get what you’re saying about parents, mine think I’m mental for believing in this stuff. But don’t let it get to you.

      • So, I am an indigo/starchild. I’m an empathy, I have telepathy,physchometry etc.. I do have quite a few abilities but so does my mom, everyone says I’m an old soul but I’m grateful that my moms understanding about this stuff because its easier to work with her. I’m only 15,but my sister is more of the handeful type of indigo so its easier for both my mom and I to work with her. Sometimes you don’t even have to explain anything to your parents. If they don’t believe you then screw what they say, be you.

        • Iโ€™m 16 and i have 20 of these characteristics. But i really donโ€™t know what to do or yhink. I have no one to talk. my parents never understand me and they necer try to talk either. So kinda lost

          • I am told that I am and indigo child as well. I have always been interested in Wicca/Neo-Pagansim, and have found my niche. Last year, when I was 14, my mother happened to find me a mentor to help me hone my gifts. She is the one who suspected me being an indigo child. My mother has always said that even as a baby, my “eyes looked like they didn’t belong to a baby, more like an old man.” and she always got comments about how I looked old. We found my mentor when looking for a new place to board our horse, and she happened to do gestalt training. We knew it was meant to be, so we chose to board there. My mentor has helped me with my natural empathy abilities, my affinity for nature, seeing auras, telepathy, and many more wonderful gifts. She said that she sensed something was different about me right away when her cat that didn’t normally like strangers was following me around and letting me pet her and pick her up. I am happy that my family has been very accepting and I know I am very fortunate. I hope that more people will be more open minded about these wonderful things we can do.

          • My advice is find a mentor. Look up grounding and shielding. Look for reiki. Research Wicca/Paganism. Meditate. But a mentor will be easier and much more helpful.

          • I am only 9 and I am a star child my dads gf can see spirit but they might break up I believe in spirit but all of my friends say I am crazy I know I belong with the angels, ghosts and god so now one or nothing will stop me thinking other of it. My score was 20 so I know I am an indigo child thank you

        • Yes I am one too but I have abilities but I just can’t seem to use them plz help. And I have no friends cause I am different and nobody understands me. I need friends!

          • Yes I am one too but I have abilities but I just can’t seem to use them plz help. And I have no friends cause I am different and nobody understands me. I need friends! I am 12 years old and I act like I’m 35 I feel like I have many abilities but I need a friend that’s just like me so they can teach me how to strengthen my power because I try so hard. I thought there were nobody in this world like me but now I found out who I am and it feels great I’m not alone. I can see what will happen 6 minutes before it happens, and I can telepath but I can’t master it, plz help!

          • I’m 12 too, and am new to this. I was watching a movie about a mental asylum and told my cousin (who told me to look this up) about how I recognised the place and knew what the people were facing. He believes he is an indigo and thinks I am one too. I answered yes TRUTHFULLY to every question there. I can see auras and had always wondered why the same cousin, my Mum, my Papa, and I were the only ones I ever saw with the bluey colour around us. I had always known I wasn’t the same as most people, but didn’t know there were powers involved. For the past 2 months, it feels like there are invisible wings growing out of my shoulder blades that only I can feel the slight disturbances in the air from, tentacles growing out of my back that allow me to see in the dark without my eyes, which also I can move very light things with if I consentrate hard enough, and get really confused at times because I can hear people talking without there lips moving and it kind of sounds like a static filled radio station. Can anyone PLEASE explain this to me, and if my Mum’s an indigo, then how come she doesn’t believe me?

          • Hello
            I can help you if you would like it and i am 12 years old too so if you want i will help you

          • I am an indigo too so if you or anyone else wants to message me I would love to help you and other young indigos understand the abilities you have discovered.

          • This is how I feel too but I will be your friend I know I am very young but since my step mum sees spirit I can help you and also I see spirit in my head but angels through my eyes thank you

          • Same. Today at school everybody was just talking and I could not understand anything. I was just looking at my friend and she seemed to be glowing yellow. I woke up from my trance and it appeared like I had been in it for an hour, said my watch, but my teacher was finishing her sentence and no one had noticed. I am an indigo says my aura. What would be a good ambition for me? I am already a gymnast and a trapeze artist and rather bendy, short and skinny. PS I am only 10.

        • So your whole family understands.i am only 12 and I think im an indigo but I have not had an out of body experience and everyone thinks im going nuts and I can’t control my day dreaming and I have kept falling asleep also having headaches can u tell me what I can do so I can stop it

          • You are not going crazy. You’re probably just going through a spiritual awakening right now, and that’s totally okay. It’s okay if there are people who think your crazy, there’s always going to be someone who does. And then there is always going to be someone who doesn’t think your crazy and actually relates to you and understands you and what your going through. I understand, because I was going through this too. What got me through it is knowing that I am not alone, and that there others like me, and that being around people or interacting with people who reminds you who you truly are. I hope you’ll find people who remind you of the true you. About your symptoms, maybe that has something to do with your third eye chakra. Here is a list of symptoms associated with this chakra, maybe you are experiencing some of these?

          • i have the same thing too I need help with it too. No out of body experiences. And everyone things I’m going nuts too. I get headaches since I was a little kid and sometimes I can’t control myself talking to imaginary people, and daydreaming.

      • I’m an Indigo Child. My sister is a Crystal Child. I’m 11. I have only told her that I get these creepy deja vu feelings. You’re all so right about the parent thing but my mother is an Indigo as well. I’m still scared to talk to her about it.

    • I have everything listed and I’m scared that I’m going crazy because I can feel other peoples pain but this test made me feel better. I’m 12 years old and I don’t know how I will tell my parents. all I know is I need someone like me to relate and talk to or I’ll get more depressed. my parents will think I’m crazy they already think I weird now crazy. I guess all i’m saying is I understand I hope this helped I know I feel better knowing that i’m not crazy and their are people like me. thank you. and I love you.

      • You are definitely not alone. And you are not crazy! You’re just a sensitive soul (possibly an empath) and you can feel people’s emotions. My father is a really sensitive person and he can often pick up on other people’s emotions/thoughts and energy, and sometimes this can overwhelm him whenever it’s too much to handle and if he’s not clearing his mind/cleansing himself of energies. And if your parents think your crazy or weird, it’s not the end of the world! You are a special person, and you should never change or try to be anything you aren’t because you are awesome just the way you are. Besides everybody has a little bit of crazy in them ๐Ÿ˜‰ and sometimes people can’t see things the way you do, and the way you might see it might be the right way of seeing it. I hope this helps you somewhat, and I want you to know that if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Same here but with physical pain sometimes. You are not the only one here. Whenever I talk to people about these things and myself, they either laugh or think I’m crazy. They’re is only one person that believes in these things out of everyone I talk too. I have the intuition he might be HPS, which I think this is the only reason why he believes me. Just saying I will be talking to my counselor. See if you guys can try that. Just make sure she will respect what you will say and that she is open minded.

    • Holy shit. I’m 15 and have always had a certain thing for being able to predict deaths in my family and in my friend’s families. After successfully predicting 4 people’s deaths in a row (as morbid as it sounds) I decided to look into it. Nothing has ever felt so right in my life reading this. Nothing is comparable I’m crying tears of joy. As cheesy of as crazy as it sounds I just know now. Also, God what a relief it is to know I’m not alone.

  2. I found out about this indigo thing a few weeks back, and I was amazed, because only I know in my heart how I fill every 24 questions there.. I’ve been reading alot about, watching documentaries and have done a few of these tests..

  3. Hello, I am 13 years old. My knowledge in indigo children is new. I’ve always felt different or that I don’t belong in this area that I am in. I researched indigo children and took tests and I always pass. I believe that I saw ghosts when I was really young but I don’t know if it was a dream or not. I am confused. I now do not see ghosts or anything from the spiritual world. I want to know how I can strengthen this ability. Im not sure that im an indigo child but when I found out about it, I felt so much better. I just want confirmation.

  4. Im 15 years old and ive known for a long time i wasnt like everyone else and ive been through a lot of hell to come to where i am today and all i can say is after all the research ive done and tests ive taken i know who i am and im ready to continue growing and i hope that i meet more people like me. Its time for a change and im willing to help make it happen. We are special and are meant to make a difference. we must stand together and stand strong…

  5. I always thought I was different and when I learned what an INdigo child was I became interested. I researched around just to make sure it wasn’t a random label we could put on anyone. I will have my mother take this test (as I couldn’t take it truthfully) and see if I am an Indigo child.

    • All the signs say yes. I took nearly every quiz and got the same result and even my third impartial party got a score of definitely Indigo for me.

  6. I am 13 years old, I often feel weird to me, I feel I am different from other people, I also feel I have a better ability to judge a case, I also often feel sensitive feelings in judgment, and I also felt there was nothing understand me.I also often feel there is a very curious feeling passionate in me, but I do not know what makes me feel like it.Therefore it, I began to study about children indigo.dan I have been following some online test about children indigo.saya feel most of the statements in the test is within saya.tapi I felt did not have the ability of telekinesis for example indigo children, can read minds DLL. so till now I am still confused about im indigo or not

  7. I’m 13. (like most of you here), and for 19 questions my answer is YES.
    It has been 6 months that I am aware that I am an Indigo.
    When my mom told me (shes aware of them too), she showed me the charateristics of an Indigo and their fondamental points on the internet, it was so like me, it was scary. I…
    -Often see/hear/feel of spirits, and it was only at the age of 10 that I realised that it was’nt like that for everyone.
    -Can see a bit of auras (still practicing)
    -Have been interested in the metaphysical proprieties of stones and Power Animals since the age of 12
    -Have weird dreams ( messages, predictions, omens)
    -Loved indigo sapphire without knowing why
    -Can become “invisible” (focus my energy and people forget me, I blend in the background. It can be really cool)
    -Have ADHD
    Those are not powers. Those are hasards that happen rarely (exept seeing auras and getting invisible, who are handy, specially getting invisible when you don’t have your homework. They are not as formidable as they look). I always felt different. I always felt more…aware? Now I know that I am an Artistic Indigo.
    Just think about it…. if so much people feel different, does that mean they are the same? Because knowing that so much people feel different, like me, I know that I’m not so different that I first thought.
    Being an Indigo does not mean to have super power (even if I’d love do detect lies and move object with my mind), it just mean to be yourself, so if you can’t teleport yourself, no biggie.

  8. So I’m 16… and I’m struggling. Every test i have taken points to me being indigo, I’ve had people tell me I will become a leader, but I’m scared. I have seen things like loose auras that have no one producing the. I have seen green energy creeping from the heart to the rest of the body (later to learn that green is healing). Sometimes even when I’m alone objets will produce energy, but the worst of it is, I can’t control it. I’ve learned basic aura reading to see if it will help but it doesn’t seem to be. Does someone know how i can learn greater control over this advanced involuntary reading I have or at least tell me how can turn it off. Thank you

    • You have a gifted power young one. When you are alone things will seem to give off energy. This does not mean your a crack head it means you have a powerful ability of seeing objects give off energy when your alone. If you want to learn greater control go to your local ACS (Aura Control School ) good luck and remember to register before august 14 because that’s when the deadline is for the fall semester.

    • You should never turn it off it is what gives life to the things producing energies around you. Look at me I am 12 and I am giving advice to a sixteen year old I have had these experiences as well and have learned how to control them. Just focus and then you will see you have a gift

  9. I just recently (like yesterday) heard about Indigo Children. I have read a few things today about them as well as taken a couple of quizzes. I also had my two boys take this quiz. Are there any other parents out there who think that they may be an indigo child with indigo children? I also think that my niece may be one also. Could this just be some strange hereditary mental illness?

    • It cannot. If you were born before 1980, you cannot be an indigo child. However if you were born after 1950, you might be an indigo. If you are and you think your child might be as well, he/she cannot. They can either be normal people or light children. As for your niece, if she is a vegetarian, and she possesses some traits of an indigo, she is most definitely a Rainbow child, the children of light adults.

  10. Joe Lewis: I found out I was an indigo when I was about 12 years old. I had a similar problem with seeing auras and picking up energy from everyone and everything constantly. I’m now 24 years old and the one piece I can give you is find someone who does quantum meditation. It helped me out big time and it was actually cool! Exercising can be a big help to but don’t “try to turn it off”. It’s a beautiful and extremely special gift to have and trust me, once you practice enough you will appreciate it more. I don’t think most indigos ever become as sensitive to seeing auras and it can be really scary at first. But, now I can look at a person and see if there are any physical spots on there body experiencing pain just by the aura it projects. Don’t run from this, it gets easier for all of us, it just takes practice.

  11. Wow – this is all very enlightening and quite comforting. Yes Carolyn – I am quite sure that I am an Indigo child with three Indigo children. It’s a relief to be able to ‘label’ the ‘condition’….now I just have to find a way of making our lives easier – having people constantly trying to push us in boxes that don’t in any way ‘fit’ our shapes is very frustrating!!

  12. okay,i fit into this description ,i’m 17 and i’ve experienced a lot of spiritual stuff,since i was a child.How can i know for sure that i really am an indigo?

      • hi sonja .. My papa is a psychic. and since I was little I have the ability to see things that others can not see, see the dream become a reality, and see a person’s character. but after I was 27 years old. I do not have the ability like that again. what you memunyai tips for that?

  13. I have taken multiple texts and read multiple doctrines on the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow child theories, and every single test I’ve taken says that I’m a Crystal Child. But how could I ever know for sure? Are any of these online tests trustworthy?

    • I suppose you’ll just have to go with your gut on this one. We all have intuition, and we all should follow it. The stuff we find on the internet will only do so much for us. I suggest meditation. It’s a great way to figure things out.

  14. I have known about being an indigo child for years as I have always felt different from the crowd “the odd one out” but now that I know I am a different person from just me and I thank the universe for it

  15. Hello, My Name is Ashante and i am sixteen years old. I recently took notice to this topic and im very skeptical about it. As a child i would see family matters after they passed repeatedly and soon my family started making me cross the graves. As my family is very superstitious and very big in the Christian religion. After my grandfather passed i have always had this strange connection with the wind. Strange because i have always been attracted to playing with fire. My mother as a child also had an admiration for fire. I recently lost my sister, and after the accident i was rushed to the hospital and could have sworn i heard her calling my name. My family tells me it was just the pain medicine but I hadn’t even been given any. As a child i also lost my ability to see very well and i presently wear glasses. My vision often becomes blurry and when i look in the mirror my eyes appear to look like glass. My preacher told me that means Jesus is present. Also i instantly decide whether i like someone or not instantly. I just get weird vibes off of people and very often i am right. I often listen to my intuition which is often right. I have a very strange fear of the dark and afraid yet attracted to it. I am a very weird child always have been. I step out of the normal. I have no shame of this yet i am very cautious and put myself on a high pedestal above others. I am very intelligent and often told by my family that i am the future. I have a friend who is 100% sure he is a Indigo child and says it has been confirmed by his grandmother. He has had an outer body experience and like me experiences Deja Vu very often. I just want to know am I a normal person or am i a special being among normal people? I take pictures very often and i appear to have so many different looks it is very weird even my own mother often ask to confirm its me. Basically i just need advice. My email is illergoddess at thank you.

    • Also since i was younger i dont sleep at night very well, i might sleep and hour or two, my sleeping hours fall mostly in the day.

  16. Hello, I’m Gracie (age 15) and I’ve answered yes to all these questions. For the past year I HAVE considered myself an empath due to an older friend of my explaining to me what it is but after researching Indigo Children and taking almost every quiz/test imaginable I have no doubt that I am also one. It’s a bit hard though since both my parents and I are agnostic yet THEY can’t open up to different spiritual matters but I can. I don’t necessarily know what to do next though with this info-any online community for Indigo Children/Teens?

  17. Hi my names Faith, I’m 15 years old, and I just got introduced to this Indigo Children thing, actually today by watching a video on Facebook. And I started doing research on them, then it started describing everything like me. So I took every quiz the google had popped up (including this one). And now all these signs point to me being a indigo child. It started even before I was born. My mom had a miscarriage with my twin and then when I was little, my parents told me, that I used to hear people and in the car I would yell “do you hear that? Someone is calling me” then TVs and lights would turn on randomly in every house I have ever lived in. And now that I’m older, and I can tell what I feel now, it seems that I feel like there’s something more to life and I was supposed to do something to help the world. Not to mention everyone tells me I act way older then my actual age, and I used to think it was because I grew up around people that were 12+ years older than me, but now I can see that it’s because I’m an indigo child. And as for the test I answer yes to all of them.

  18. My 12yo daughter has had a “visible to only her” friend since she was 3. His name is Oblin. He has a sister and a chronically ill mother. He visits our home quite often and we have never teased or shunned her for having this friend. They met at the same age and have grown up together, so he is 12 now as well. Just a few days ago, she and I were having a conversation and she responded to something I said with “You sound just like Oblin’s mom.” It was strange because he hasn’t visited in so many months…She hasn’t mentioned him in a while. I asked if his mother was in the hospital still and she told me that she was home now. I asked her if Oblin was “imaginary” or just invisible. She was thoughtful and told me that he lived in another dimension. My daughter has never stumbled over any question you ask about Oblin or his family, I believe what she is telling me.
    She was diagnosed with ADD when she was in 2nd grade. She is very afraid of reflections and mirrors at night.
    I did a google search this evening and found your site. I have never heard of Indigo people before this. I could tick YES to all but one of the questions in the test. What now…? What do I do with this information?
    Thank You for any guidance.

    • This is so hard to type to be honest, but I’m 15, growing up I had an “imaginary” friend named Sam. I talked to him in my dreams and in my head whenever I needed him. As I turned 13 I was more online and meeting people across the world. I met a great friend in Europe which introduced me to his close friend Sara. I skyped with her one day and her younger brother SAM came in the camera screaming “That’s her! That’s the girl!” I was confused so badly for a few seconds. Then it clicked. That was my best friend growing up. That was the boy I talked to for so many years. Now we talk in our heads or online. We live in different countries but he did turn out to be real and we met in a different dream state called the grid. It could as well be someone who is real. Just act as It really is a friend of hers. You never really know, my mom always just tolsnme it was pretend. I felt very discouraged growing up. Once I showed her Sam and explained the whole thing she has no words. Your child has such a great mind (: good luck.

  19. Hi im jj im 11 im scared my bff said i was a indigo so i took a lot of tests and got the same positive results now she is scared of me what do i do please lend some advice

  20. hi my name is Jaden and I’m (12yo)

    yesterday I heard about indigo children and I did some research into them I’ve always felt different and nether fitted in and nether had any firands I got bullied at for 7 year’s until I became home schooled I have taken 23 test to see if I’m an indigo child and they all say yes but I don’t see arur’s but I see spirets and I can read peoples minds and I see visions and I often get called un-scouible with other people I rember before I was born watching my mum and choseing her to give birth to me am I an indigo child someone plz’s tell me

  21. I answer yes to most of these answers but this proves nothing im smart not magical i just chose to not look up to others around me that have no direction in life but look within myself for answers Im a nurd not thats why i know what i know i study for fun and not entertained by others look around do you know anybody including adults that know anything worth knowing… black holes are large stars, cure for aids is white blood cells, cure for tooth rot is alcohol, artificial gravity can speed up time also known as a time machine Is made with high voltage, light orbits and is collected around black holes… go ahead prove me wrong. Want to know more go to my website my lifes research for you to learn in a few minutes.

  22. Hey, my name is Roslyn, and im 17, if it matters. Awhile ago my friend showed me the “Spirit Science” videos on youtube (definitely check them out!!!) and told me about Indigos one day. My curiosity has had me doing hours and hours of research still to this day. I am %100 positive I am an Indigo. I am occasionally able to predict/see what will happen in the future, always at really random times. I can see the white beginnings of auras on people and often times objects. Im sure this is related to being indigo, not %100, but people quickly feel comfortable with me, and are comfortable sharing very personal information, even if i dont know them very well. I also believe I am a healer. I have desperately been trying to increase my abilities and been trying to get a hold of an older person who knows all about this Indigo Children dealio because I have so many questions that i cannot find answers to that drive me crazy and I also dont really know who to talk to this about ! If anyone has any questions for me or can help me, PLEASE feel free to add me on Facebook (be sure to message so i will accept) at Rozlyn Ann Anastasi. I need help!!!

  23. My name is Jerry Doubleday . Not only did I answer yes to all the questions in the Adult list. But Had all the very same qualities as a child. I have 3 children that are all like me. I have struggled with feelings of confusion all of my life. Things that seem so clear and understandable to me seem to go right past most others. Things that I see as common sense, evades most others. I’ve had the same dreams most of my life. I’ve never said much to people about it because the few times that I have , the ones I’ve told look at me like I’m from another planet. I’ve always been mechanically inclined. I also have what I’ve called a deep six sense. Before I travel I consult my inner eye and can actually see myself arriving at my destination safely, by visualizing myself arriving at where I’m headed. The times that I’ve had troubles has always been when I didn’t follow my feelings. Or have proceeded when my inner visions aren’t paid attention to. When in school I was always bored or somewhere else. I’ve always been slow to make new friends. Not due to some inability to click with other but my reservations regarding where certain friendships might take me. Most of my life I’ve been able to finish others sentences. Although I can’t stop thinking. Ever. Sometimes it’s like a flood of thoughts and questions regarding things that others never seem to get or even comprehend. From the time I was a child I’ve felt that I was put here for some reason I don’t yet know. As a matter of fact even now that I’m 59 I still feel like something is headed my way that will have a roll for me to fit into. I’ve always since I was a child had very vivid dreams. When I was young they came as nightmares. But as I grew older I’ve learned to control the fear in the dreams. I’ve never really known why this is happening but I’ve known for a long while now that there is some reason for it. There are also many other things that are way to numerous to mention. I would like to meet and get to know others that feel as I do and not just say that they do.

    • I did too. I feel the same as you. My kids also were just like me. Social services took them from me because they said I couldn’t handle all three of them on my own. Didn’t know that they could terminate your rights for that but they did…

      I think it was also planned too. The foster parents were foster to adopt. Of course they fell in love with them so decided if things didn’t work out to adopt. Unfortunately social services is corrupt out here and lied in court saying they thought I had mental problems. They won and pocketed a lot of money from me as well as from the adoption. I miss them. ๐Ÿ™

      Anyway be blessed brother.

  24. Hi, my name is Rita (15) I accidentally stumbled upon a video on YouTube about Indigo Children, after researching a little bit about this topic I found this website. My answer was Yes to all of the questions on the list.
    I have always felt alienated, different from others but have never really realized why. I have always been fascinated by other worlds/dimensions, spirits of the dead, magic etc. the list goes on and on.
    When I let my mind wonder and not concentrate on anything I see energy of the objects (to me it seems as a field around an object), it similar with people as well but their energy is different. It’s too complicated to explain.
    Other times I get different feelings, usually it is unexplained feeling of panic or fear which can last for hours, usually it has something to do with mirrors. I feel really scared looking into one at night I know it sounds ridiculous but I can’t sleep until the mirror in my room is covered, but even then it’s quite hard falling asleep.
    When I was a child and still sometimes now when I wish for something to happen it does, even if they are quite small things.
    Other times I see what will happen before it happens, it’s only flashes but it can be quite unnerving and sometimes when I’m not really concentrated which happens quite often if someone asks me a question the answer comes into my mind, which is really strange but helps me sometimes.
    A lot of people in my family have died and those who are left don’t believe in things I do and when I bring is up they just brush it off. It’s really hard for me to form attachments and make new friends (or rather care about them) because when I meet people for the first time they seem to instantly like me but unfortunately that is not the case for me, every time I meet someone I get a feeling about what kind of person they are. Usually it’s not even conscious, someone might not even uttered a word before I dislike them. I know it sounds harsh but there is not much I can really do, if I don’t like somebody I don’t like them.
    Finding about Indigo Children has helped me a little bit to understand why I’m feeling certain things.

  25. oh my gosh, I am at a true loss of words. 90% of these traits match my personality to a tee. I always had a feeling that I was different when it came to my peers. School was never easy for me being a child diagnosed with ADD and homework never was something that I felt was a necessity. I would describe myself as an intuitive spiritual person that is full of love and creativity. being a teen with very traditional parents who don’t quite see things the way I do has always been a struggle when it came to my parents parenting me. nearly all of these traits truly match me and it makes me proud to know why I am this way. I am open-minded and free spirited but sometimes get off track very easily. I am personable but often times at the end of the day, id be found by myself because I felt that people don’t really get me or see things the way I do. this is a little off topic but it wasn’t until today that I found out about “indigo children” but last night the word indigo came into my mind. I must admit I am really intuitive about stuff like this and I am very passionate about spiritual and paranormals. To anyone who also discovered that they are Indigos just like I have, just know you all rock. I look forward to learning more about this myself.

  26. I scored twenty-one on the test and this describes me perfectly. I’ve always hung out the adults and people have always told my parents that I was an old soul and is different and I’ve always felt that way. I dont think im better than anyone or something but I do realize I am different

  27. Okay, I’m going to share my story to add to the great sense of community here. I’m 13 years old and only found out about Indigo children a few days ago. Since then, I have done loads of research on it and taken multiple quizzes and tests, getting positive results every time. I am blessed with precognitive dreams. Most of these are about people that I meet several years after having the dream. This is a talent that I have had my entire life. I am also an empath and very easily feel what others do. I can tell you without trouble that the person who passed me in the hallway just ended a relationship or got into that college they were hoping to. Also, when my mind is relatively clear, I can see colorless shapes (this is hard to describe) and these shapes zoom around me. This has happened in all sorts of locations and situations. Of course, there’s much more to me than the spiritual side of things. I strongly dislike being told what to do and approve of the possibility of American educational reform. I am creative, especially in music. I genuinely believe that I have experienced past lives on earth, and I know that this particular life is special and will stand out. I have a very strong connection with animals, often communicating with them better than I do with humans. Despite this, I’m a strong leader and extremely devoted to and protective of my friends. Anyway, I just wanted to add to all this because it feels so nice to know there are people out there like me. I hope that reading this made you feel good too.

  28. I am now 17 years old. I have taken multiple tests and they always come out positive. I can kind of predict the future at times. I will have a ‘daydream’ about a horrific event and later on find out it happened. A week before a local bridge collapsed I had a dream about it. I was five at the time and i tried warning my mother but they didn’t listen. Is there any way to enhance this ability? I only seem to get visions once a year at most now. Could my adhd meds be effecting this?

    • Yes they could im 16 years old and my innovations could of been better if I would not have taken hdhd meds STOP TAKING THEM NOW

  29. Im Isabelle (12)and almost all of these are a yes ive taken a dew of these tests and they all say that I’m an indigo I’ve always known that i was different from everyone else but I never knew why.then I looked to my very spiritual friend Emily and for some reason ever since she and my dad became friends we had always bonded then I asked for an answer she said that I might be an indigo child and I asked her what that is she explained and I told her that it sounded a lot like me
    (Thanks for reading)

  30. I am 13 and have always know i was an indigo child ( My mom went to a phycic convention when she was pregnet with me and a phycic told here, and she told me) But i just recently discoverd what it means and i fit 23 of the traits. However I still feel like there is something more to me i can’t find! Any help please!!

  31. I have trouble explaining my abilities to normal people like my friends and when i describe them they still don’t get it and does anyone think i should tell my parents because they don’t realy like or believe in psychics and star children and they might not believe me

  32. My name is Indigo and my parents didn’t even call me that because they thought I would be an Indigo Child, but I answered 22 of the questions yes and I’m totally blown away!

  33. Im a 15 I believe I come from another world to help and lead earth to become one of the greats. We belong to a cycle or grid of planets my time is almost coming and the ones will notice me on their eyes.

  34. My innovations and designs are 10 years ahead of our time. My mind is full of ideas. I believe in a better life not for myself but others. At school kids praise me for them but dont understand them. I can see and visualize what earth will be like years from now peaceful runned by my Corporation/industries. I want too become an Entrepreneur and invest in projects such as MARS my time is almost hear I will asend for the world to wittness

  35. Ok, i was here to do the test for my little brother but i am one to. I am born in 1988 and all question are a yes for me.

  36. I have all of these traits however i sometimes feel like i carry some traits of the crystal children. Can i be both?

  37. I am 20 years old, to this day I find not just one religion but all religions interesting especially in their history. I always stuck out as a child. My teachers and principles hated me as a student because I never had to try. I was valedictorian of my class and the most work I did was in physics. I had my mother answer these for me. She only said no to one question and that was number 6, which makes sense every where I go I feel like I’ve been there before. I have many of the traits but I also have depression due to the fact that no matter what I feel alone, its partially due to my brother passing but even before then I had always felt out of place and time forcing me to be alone. If anyone can help me with info. on this it would be greatly appreciated.

  38. Hi everyone, it is nice to know that there are others out there like me. I’ve too have taken the test and found that at least 90% match completely. I too have found it difficult fitting in, both when I was younger and present. My parents also hasn’t receptive to having an Indigo child. Two of the biggest challenges for me is 1) training my parents to accept me how I am and 2) to learn and expand my talents.

    My advice for everyone is to continue working on their gifts and talents. Be mindful of what energy source you are learning from. Continue working with parents, family members and friends to help them understand you and your gifts. Look for ways to connect with others with similar gifts.—-If you don’t, I know of many individuals who lost their gifts, under layers of suppression, distrust and see it as a curse, instead of a blessing. I know of many parents who don’t want to admit that their children are Indigo child because they have buried their own talents.—Simply put, the world and our reason for life depends upon our ability and determination to use our gifts.

    • I got 21…i am 16 years old and dping my best to fit in while everyone around me is like an open book. this is my fifth test and all but one said i am an indigo. The test before this said i am a lightworker. I am not scared just a little stressed about this situation.

  39. Wow guys! When I saw how many people commented on this, I was thrilled! I couldn’t help but grin for a full five minutes. I found out a few months ago that I’m an Indigo Child when a woman who could “see” things told me so. This website just about confirms it. I answered yes to like 21 questions! I’m amazed. Seeing that there are so many others like me… I’m super happy! I would love to talk with someone some time and compare ideas. This page made my day! ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. I’m 19 a little older then most of you here and since I was younger I was always considered older then my age by adults, I was always confused about why I thought things that other people wouldn’t get, why I experienced things like sleep paralysis, why I had such vivid dreams and why I view the world and life as a thing I should be enjoying while my friends worried about papers and their futures . Right now the last 5 years have been very active . I am able to sense peoples energy before I utter a word to them. Meaning I automatically know who to trust, have met other conscious/ indigo children , almost like a pattern that cannot be disrupted. I’ve never been in a situation where I have been in danger , but sensed it and acted upon it before it happened. My aunties psychic reader told her she should not worry about me unlike my other two sisters who are not as spiritually aware as me. Chances and coincidences are continuously happening to me, sometimes thinking about how I meet certain people and got into certain situations with out negative outcomes is baffling , it is like I should do something but I don’t know what? There’s plenty more to talk about and the chance I could be an indigo child was only recently bought to me by my boyfriend who I had also met in an unusual way, I was only told briefly by my auntie that I was different but she never fully explained it. I have been reading celestine prophecy which , although most of you are younger then me by age, should read too because we are all mentally the same. It explains in a story form why things are happening, I haven’t finished it yet but it’s very interesting if you are experiencing similar things as me.

  41. I am 15 years old and I have resantly awakened and have realized my path much like a lot of you have. What I have discovered is that not only am I an indigo but my name means God will multiply in Spanish . For those who are knowledgeable in spiritualality will understand the significants of this. As indigos we are here to bring balance and we can’t do that if we don’t work together. We may be young but that shouldn’t stop us from pursuing are soul purpose. The first step is finding each other and talking, being an indigo is tough and talking with others alike can help emensly. If you ever want to talk my email is

  42. Just found out today that I was a Indigo Child, and that there were others like me. I’m so glad that I’m not alone. If any of you guys want to talk, you can email me at and just put “Fellow Indigo” in the subject so I’ll know who it is. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also if you guys have a Wattpad or are on SpiritualUnite, you can add me, my user is Lightworker1111.

  43. i’m twelve years old, and can relate to every single one of these. i have been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, Depression, Anxiety, Dyslexia, and I am a severely affected insomniac, like I can stay up until three in the morning without getting tired, and it’s according to my parents it’s affecting my grades and causing me to fail in most of my classes, but the thing is, it’s literally too boring and not challenging enough. and I also have a really bad daydreaming problem to the point where multiple times, the teacher had to come up to me face to face and get me out of my trance. growing up I was probably the most hyper kid you would ever see, running around at the speed of light and pretty much bouncing off walls. other kids thought I was weird so to this day I only have a couple of friends. I’m super introverted by myself, but with my friends I become extroverted. i feel like there’s something wrong with me because that’s basically what came out of my twelve years of “calm down, you’re too hyper” and “you need to start making friends” and “if you’re like this you won’t make any friends” which in my opinion is very hypocritical of people to say. Usually to take my mind off of all this stress I listen to my favorite bands; I love music, and i’m also a music prodigy. I’ve been singing since I was one years old, and as much as I get complemented for it and such, I’m too shy to show off my “skills”. I also learned how to play Fur Elise and Moonlight Sonata in fifteen minutes. Singing is my passion though, and I love to write and I love acting. Is it weird that i’m too emotional? I’m just over sensitive to a lot of things which makes me feel like a baby. I don’t know… I should probably stop ranting. G’bye.

    • Same (except for the part about being diagnosed) I’m 11 and am way too emotional, singing is my passion, and I have an extremely loud voice which makes my math teacher hate me more than words can express. Knowing that it’s normal for indigo souls to be crazy, have loud voices ect. I’m going to show my math teacher that her words don’t hurt me….

  44. I just got a reading from a medium today. She did oracle cards specifically for indigos.. and after doing more research I am most definatley an indigo .
    has anyone else had any issues after getting a physic reading however? I got bad anxiety, and physically sick.

  45. 23 of 23 for both my son and I. We are both quite intuitive and didn’t know anything. About indigo children or empaths and were told by several people now in spiritual communities that we were indigo children, empaths, and that my intuition is naturally very strong and I should open up to it more.

  46. I answered yes for my children, grandchildren and myself. I’m not sure how to proceed. But this explains so very much. At the present my family is falling apart because I raised my children to think for themselves. In the Bible belt in the Ozarks of Missouri, that isn’t how things work. My adult children are miserable and so am I. we’re only happy when we’re outdoors on the river away from everyone and their “ignorance” that makes us crazy. I wish I could tell someone everything; like the fact that my kids and I have a psychic connection. We know when one of us is hurting. sad, or just needing the others. I could go on and on with stories and examples.
    Please can some help me

  47. the fact that i posses all these qualities, i see the super natural often and ect.. i’ve been depressed for a while because i was struggling with my gifts thinking that they were too odd for a child my age as i desired to “fit in”. Which changed my caring nature in a way, as i started to realize i didn’t fit in. or i wasn’t fun like the other kids. Or i talked to mature for my age. i just sat here and cried for like 10 mins at 3am because after all these years of growing to hate my qualities because i seemed different. i realized that i was actually the normal one and all this depression i suffered was basically for no reason. Im having a hard time figuring out what to do with this higher power of mine. I think i should come more connected with my spirit. i’am also a virgo, so you already know im the root based chakra. Im amazed with myself i really am speechless. Now what can i do with my knowledge is unknowing/scary/ exciting.

  48. I’m from Brazil. Since I was a little boy I’ve learned to speak and to write in 5 different languages by miself with no internet including this English, (My native language is Portuguese). Play songs in several instruments, I started to draw landscapes but now I’m able to draw in 4D, I can communicate with animals, I love being in forests where I can see things “normal people” cannot, I’m not affraid anymore, actually I like them all… I’m 37 yo by now. Three children of my own and still felling alone in this world. (none to talk to about atrophysics, poetry, exobiology, Quantum physics, art, exobiology concepts – Et coetera)… ๐Ÿ™

  49. I’ve gone through so many of the same things that people has listed here, it’s amazing how I don’t feel so alone for the first time in my life. I thought I was only going through this, but nope, other people are also, and we even have a name—Indigo children!

    I just created a blog called The Mystic Owl, on WordPress. If any of you guys are interested, you can check it out. Itโ€™s for everyone who is interested in developing their spirituality and self-improvement. I especially would love if you indigo children checked it out, because my heart really wants to help you guys out however I can. <3 I understand what it's like to feel alone and alienated by the world, because we're not 'normal' but honestly, we are normal. we were normal, it's they that's different, they changed. So embrace who you are, because you are amazing and you are here for a reason. You've been born with the special abilities and differences for a purpose, to help serve humanity the best way we can. Never forget that. I really hope you'll stop by and give me a hello, I'd love to talk with fellow indigos! ๐Ÿ™‚
    My email is if you guys want to connect. And here is the blog

    By the way, Deonna Wiston, I'm a Virgo too. XD

  50. My child is 5 and since she was 2 I noticed something very different about her, I can honestly say had a yes to 22 out of 23 of these questions. When I was younger I was able to communicate with spirits ( I no longer get can) I must say it is a little difficult for me constantly hear ” mommy I’m older then you! Or mommy I don’t need your help because I have done this before!”
    Shes my baby freeze she’s 5 but acts like she’s 25. Her late night visitors are also bothersome I feel 3am is way to early for me to go into her room and ask who ever is there to leave. I’ve used salt, white sage diffused lavender, prayed. Im pretty sure there is nothing my husband or myself can do so we have decided to embrace it and take turns staying up late nights with her. If anyone has any experience and something else to do please share

  51. My son has 20 of the 23 traits. I need some serious help to change how I and my husband (his step-father) treat him………he’s a great kid, but we’re not doing him any justice. I’ve always known he was a deep, spirited child….his eyes have ALWAYS told his story. But, I was an Army Brat and grew up to respect whatever system I was involved with………….and I parented him the same way. It’s not working…………HELP!!!

  52. I also have been practicing Wicca for many years now but I always felt that I have more of a purpose than just that. Ive even met religious people who have suspected me of being an Indigo child even believing in their God. Ive possessed many talents and gifts including telepathy and magnetic energy. People often feed off my energy and I become drained yet cannot sleep. If I do sleep and dream, my dreams consist of strange places, one almost like Neptune or the surface of other planets. I often find myself daydreaming as if I am actually sleeping. I do not have many friends because I do not fit in and I like to be alone unless I find other Indigo children. There are many more of us out there waiting to find you. They are rare and should be treasured. They often are rebellious and do not fit societies mold of what humans should be like. Make an effort to find these people, some will fake yes, but if you are a true Indigo child you will know the difference. I often also feel a feeling of being homesick even at my physical home. Never feel in place or feel wanted. Its very difficult to hold intelligent conversation with a non Indigo child. I feel very mentally superior.

  53. I am an Indigo Child, and I feel like there are so many things my soul is yearning to do like astral travel, telekinesis, telepathy, energy healing, seeing auras, and… flight. I don’t understand. Who else has yearned for the sky and the billow of air under your wings, or the swooping sensation as you dive down and twist in the air, buffeted up by the wind? I used to be able to feel almost like I had wings sprouting from my shoulderblades, unfurling and feeling the air movement behind me. I used to be able to read others emotions with ease. Now I can’t do either anymore. Does anybody know how to do any of this stuff? It’s like it’s pulling at me to do it and then I try… and I can’t.

  54. Also, would anyone on her be my mentor? Or just teach me a few things? I’m stuck and I don’t know. I feel like I’ve forgotten myself but there was nothing to forget. Uhgggg. I just want to go to a village where everything is ecofriendly and open and clean, and people are a loving community of Lightworkers that grow food/get organic, healthy stuff. By the way, I am thirteen.

  55. I am an indigo who has been through depression, but am mostly done with it. I am still trying to find my path, though. I am looking for a mentor and friends. If you want to reach out, here is my email. Put the subject “Fellow Indigo~”. Here is my email: Reach out, my fellow lightworkers!

  56. I answered 22 q’s Yes….l’m almost 14 and my mom and dad thinks l need go stuffer n come to reality…. I was always bad at math and that things cause l never can’t concentrate in school….l have much of weird letters n words l used…..I was always feel week n manipulated if l follow basic human world n rules…btw l always making myself weird makeup, hairstyles, clothing ( like warrior fairly heroines or something…..l was completly sure l can fly or l was dreaming same things copule nights or days cause l feel so good n energetic ln night .N ya l always get A+ or A from school stories even l needed to get like B- of mistakes ln grammar.Am l hugee lndigo then?l had even a names like heroine of the hiden mountain,Phoenix,Mysterious Abyss… they were my imaginary friends l always draw n write about them…Phoenix was my imaginary boyfriend…ldk l still writes all my own 3 alphabets…..l was always good art….l was always alien like person in society stuffs…l’m really glad i’m not the only one….

  57. what if all of the questions above was positive? what if this is a daily struggle and no one understands me? what if me being an indigo child has caused me more pain and struggles than any child should have? what if this is too much for me to bare?

  58. Can anyone help me?
    I’m somewhat new to this whole Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Child thing. I first heard about it a few months back, but I didn’t look into it much. I just thought that they were all the same thing. But recently, I started to research it more and more. I took a few online tests, all of which say that I am definitely one of the three. The thing is, I have no idea which one. I scored 21/24 on this test, but I also score high on the tests for Crystal and Rainbow Children. I have a tendency to predict minor things about the future. It’s not much, but it freaks me out when it happens. We were giving presentations in class last year, and I mentally picked out three people that would go that day. Two of the three people I chose went that day. The third one was going to go, but he ran out of time and he did it first the next day. I also get hunches often. For example, if there is a multiple choice test, I’ll get a feeling that I should pick a certain answer. I can also easily tell if people are lying to me. In addition, I have broken about six pairs of earbuds in the last four months. It doesn’t sound like much, but hear me out. I heard that electronics and such can short out around Indigo children (and the other two types of star children, as well). The first two I know how they broke, but the other four just broke without warning, it’s getting super annoying to have to buy new earbuds every two weeks. Anyway, thanks for reading my super long post. If anyone can help me, that would be great!
    By the way, for anyone wondering, I am twelve, turning thirteen in two months. I was born in 2005 (I read that when you were born has an impact on what kind of child you are. Idk, though)

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