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  1. I’m happy to find sites like these, that explain and uncover the “secrets” of us indigos. It’s even more thrilling to see that others have recognized and pursued the knowledge and self awareness we all seek. I think it would be great if someone could set up a website (like a social site), for indigos to join and converse about experiences and questions they may have.

    • Dear Dustin,
      My name is Riley, I too believe I’m an indigo. this is my first time reaching out, so be understanding, (as we both know you have the ability to be) and please give a little knowledge of yourself. I — am Riley Cowger. I’m 16 years old, though you wouldn’t really tell the difference. My favorite color is all of them, but most of all purple. I have 3 step brothers, and 2 cousins i love like brothers. I love all music, but most of all rock and roll/metal, and rap. Please write back, -Riley

    • Hi guys,
      I’m very pleased to see that there are so many people like me around the world… sometimes I feel so lonely at my home… However, I’m an eighteen years old girl from Italy.
      I don’t like give too many information about me in the websites, but I can surely say that I feel like if I am an indigo person, my profile totally correspond to this class of people, so I am thinking about how can I become stronger and balance myself. I really want to improve myself. Any suggestions?

      • Hey Alessia,
        There are many ways/techniques in which you can use to become stronger or balance yourself, but I think one of the best ones is Chakra Work. Balancing your Chakras will balance your life. Chakras literally deals with every aspect of a person’s life; money, health, relationships, emotions, creativity, intuition, connectedness(with everyone and everything and especially the Universe), etc…. There are books and youtube videos on the subject of Chakras, and lots of information about them across the Web.
        Other things like Yoga and Meditation can help you feel balanced as well.
        Hope this helps, -Tiffany

      • Listen to the inner voice, its right. The more you listen the stronger it will become. Always guide with light never dark. Remember it is the differences in life that make this world worth the fight. Love everything flaws and all.

  2. To whom this concerns,
    My name is Riley, the reason I typed this is because I have a strong belief that I am an indigo/crystal child. As soon as I heard from my aunt and mom that I might be an indigo child, I had to immediately had to learn more. after the research and documentaries I’ve seen my belief in them/us has only strengthened. Can I talk to somebody about this? Would I be allowed to talk or help others like me? Thank you for taking the time to read this. Really. I can’t wait to get a response!
    Sincerely, Riley

    • Hi Riley & Dustin, and all that relate to indigo 🙂 I am an indigo senior, lol, from the 70´s, I have aways been “different”, aware, wise, a maverick, intuitive, inventive, a bright shine – this is first time i am looking into indigo, as i always related it to children born in ´00 + turns out we have always been around. I am going to look into getting a platform, place for us all to connect and mentor each other, exchange stories, dreams, challenges, difficulties, passions, ” Indio” Life 🙂

      If you have any thoughts and ideas on what you would want a social site / community to contain, just let me know.

      Bright shine & keep trusting your knowing.


      • Please do. 🙂
        I feel like a part of a family now. I dont want that to end, and i really want to know more aabout myself and everyone like me.m

      • Dear Toje,
        as an indigo child from 1958, i would love to be part of that community
        To begin ascension and healing of DNA you have to choose it and find them.

      • I have only just seen this post after recently discovering about Indigo adults and never realised before why I have always been one of the “outsiders” and now at the athe age of 68 I would like to help others realise these truths.

        The people appealing for Indigo friends has struck a chord with me and I have heartfelt empathy with them

        I would be interested to know if you have acjieved your aims in setting up a platform.

        I have just registered and and I have my own hosting servers in UK, USA, Switzerland and Singapore.

        If anyone wants to help with developing ideas for these platforms on a freelance basis please get in touch with me at (originally set up in 1996 and now under relaunch development.

  3. Hello everyone.

    I am very glad to be apart of this. I am an aquarius zodiac (humanitarian,healer and vessel of knowledge..aka water bearers). I always thought I didn’t belong in this world. I grew up an outcast in my family and social lime light in public. introvert at home. extrovert outside. I saw in myself early in childhood that i was meant to do many things. My parents would always try to force me into a box, but i always think outside the box.

    I often DESPISE this world we live in. The CORRUPTION, lack of people NOT WANTING TO LEARN TRUTH, FOOD,LAND,WATER AND AIR POSINED ON THE DAILY BASIS. corrupt medical practices, corrupt parents not investing in their kids. EVERYTHING. I often spend days figuring out how I can make people be happy with themselves to ease the hurt and self hatred which is often projected onto others. I have learned that i am multi dimensional. I am not EVER gonna be bound to doing just one thing.

    How many of you went to school for psychology or sociology? I have and I’b betting that many of you have too. I am glad we all exist. The hard part is getting others to want to learn from us. Lots are ignorant and find it hard to want to learn or listen to younger people. I am 26, but i feel that the world will not change until all the old people with old ways of thinking are abolished. sounds harsh, but feels like truth.

  4. I truly believe I am Crystal Child, at least that is the result I’ve gotten from every single test I’ve taken. I heard from a close friend, who is an Indigo child, that he believed I was either an Indigo or a Crystal.. But how could I ever be sure? And how do I dive deeper into this subject, thus going deeper into myself..? I’m 15, but feel like I’ve been alive for hundreds, thousands of years, with a huge love for MUSIC, art, mathematics, literature, and science… Point me in the direction of an expert, please. Haha

  5. One love everyone!

    It is such a blessing to realize that I am not unique, there are others just like me and that I am not Alone. I hope my story will help others that are struggling.

    I used to feel so different as a child. I remember flying above my hometown in my dreams when I was 5( astral travel). I have vivid memories from when I was 2 or 3 even. I remember picking up my first astrology book when I was 8 and then being bullied because I shared my knowledge with other children.I remember being called a witch just because I used to tell them things about themselves that I had no way of knowing ( apparently I was not aware of being so different, I thought everyone can see what I see and know what I know) . I remember being bored at school during my elementary because I already knew the syllabus only to get this thirst for knowledge in high school ( mainly occult philosophy and metaphysics)

    I used to feel like I can not share what I know because its dangerous to do so.Played my part, got into the best schools, got an excellent job and now at 32 I made it as they say. I’ve learned to know, to dare and to keep silent for the most part. As an adult I see the potential in people and I chose a job where I can use my gifts( knowing things I am not supposed to know) to show people how to harness it. That is my mission.
    I have done multiple personality tests during university for fear I might have a personality disorder such as Narcissistic, Borderline, Schizoid, Paranoid…I do not. Both psychologists I saw told me I am healthy and I ended up befriending them. I am reluctant to get married and have children because I am really looking for the right one.
    The point is that being different is being blessed and cursed in the same time.
    The difference is that when we find out we are not Unique we cease to feel Alone.
    Kind thoughts and courage to everyone
    And to Ashley yes I studied psychology too:):)

    • Hey there.. crying while reading this page. I though I was really alone now and our Spiritual Mother guided me here… can anyone add me .. it’s . I guess we’re all indigo here.. who so ever wants to know their bit please contact me.. it’s important to share some knowledge firstly.. I hope And pray with all my heart we will change the world to what we were gifted..

  6. Hey there,

    I know I do not need to explain the visions, the aerial travel, the dreams, the constant deja vu, the knowledge, and the ability to feel spirits vividly. My mother and godmother (research psychologist) have always known that I am an indigo and I have always understood it. The one common thought we all have in common is “….I don’t know why, but I just know….”

    I’m so glad there’s many of us out there, and that’s why I would like to ask you all to stay away from anger, it affects us more than anything else and our light cannot handle it. Think twice before you act as we can be impulsive.


  7. Hi there!

    I am desperate to meet others like me in London, because this place is just killing me. It feels like empty and on the other hand full of “silliy” people.


  8. Im an indigo…
    Im only 15, but everything you guys have said is the same for be ( but i havent studied phsychology) but i really want to talk to you guys. All my life ive been an outcast and ive always felt alone. I hate the way the world is now. And i just want to know you guys, i feel like were meant to find eachother.

  9. INDIGO TEENS PLEASE READ:: I just recently found out I was indigo not that long ago. I’m an Indigo teen and one of the most fulfilling moments in my life so far was finding out I am indigo. I believe one of the hardest things about being an Indigo is that indescribable of feeling alien, that feeling of loneliness and misunderstanding because you have so much knowledge as it is and it is really hard to share because to us indigo’s it’s something we cant describe because it was always that feeling was always in us from the get go. my mother used to tell me stories of how when I was little I’d run off and do my own thing whenever we went out in public, I know ive scared the living bejezeez out of my mom for wandering off in my day and getting lost in the mall, grocery store, the park, even Disneyland! but I was always a free spirit when it came to wanting to do my own thing and explore, finding my own path from the very moment I could walk. there was a lot of confusion in my childhood my mom thought I had a learning disability because It was so hard for me to grasp things, even though I consider myself rather intelligent I never got the hang of math (even to this day simple arithmetic is a challenge) after a teacher grabed my mom aside and suggested that I get medical testing for an evaluation for ADD, sure enough I was positive and from then on I was medicated for a full year. IT WAS A HUGE MISTAKE! the medication didn’t make me feel like me at all and it didn’t make a big difference anyway. please indigos don’t take these medications. what we have is a gift that isn’t meant to be fixed by a medication. We ARE here for a reason no doubt. and I feel like there is a large growing group of other people like us who maybe don’t even know it yet. just hang in there and be yourself!

  10. almost all of these apply to me. but i have very low self esteem i guess it was just because ive always known ive different . but how do you know if ive come in contact with others?

  11. Hello everyone my mame is Phoenix and im also an indigo child i have the abilities to see auras and i can sense other star children and i can dream walk .I am 15 now and im still kind of figuring out my powers but i know im not alone because i have 7 friends that are also. Star kids and i found them with my new ability to know other star children’s powers but i bring a warning to there are beings that wish to hurt us they are called. Bek’s or (black eyed kids) they are evil beings and i have had experienced and have been attacked by them so i’m just saying be careful becuse they have powers similar to us .just be safe ok

  12. I’m an indigo child, it scares me that I can predict things so accurate before it happens, IDK what is going on and my friend told me I might be an Indigo Child. Have never heard of this before so I looked it up and the description fits.

    • Hey Andrew. Im well aware about how it feels when you predict something and it happens exactly. And still no one seems to notice it not even the parents! Even if it happens every single time. Well I also recently found out that I’m something that’s called “indigo”. Well nows the time when we all stand together for each other. Bless u brother.

  13. I have always been an indigo child too. I am just older now at 32 and it is always delightful to find others like us. I always sensed that I was always around my family before I was born. I also carry with me ancient memories of past lives and constantly reincarnating. With this new age of indigo and children coming to earth will enlighten all humanity as they show how to grow into higher dimensions.

  14. Hey guys,
    Got in this late.
    I have come to realise that I’m part of this community. First time I said that.
    I have been a wanderer all my life, seeking the light in the road less traveled which I chose for myself.
    This is weird, first time I feel such a strong connection with social media and article on indigo adult.
    I have a open heart for discussions that create light not heat.
    Please write to me at
    That will make my day and I’m sure we can be great friends.

  15. If there is anyone who is seeking others like yourself, I am here. I’ve been assigned to this task, to receive you. Please…contact me…your not alone. We are building a family, a real family…and if your reading this now, you are a part of us – I can’t wait to hear from you



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