Different Types of Indigo People

Different-Types-Of-Indigo-PeopleThe world around us is evolving rapidly and making its way towards the New Earth, and one of the biggest forms of evolution are the indigo children and adults. These  “special children” who were first identified in the early 70’s. These individuals are found throughout the world, defying all geographical and cultural barriers. Indigo people can be “categorized” into four different types, based on their traits.

Indigo Humanist:

These types of indigo grow up to become doctors, teachers, nurses, lawyers, politicians, businessmen, and salespeople. They work directly with the masses, and they have good verbal skills and exhibit friendly behavior. This makes them very effective communicators in whichever profession they choose. They are avid readers, and these children tend to take part in everything, hence they are jack of all trades.

Indigo Conceptual:

The indigos who belong to this category usually become architects, astronauts, pilots, scientists and engineers. They tend to get involved in more than one project at once, and they think more from the head, than the heart. They usually have sturdy athletic abilities to balance their sharp intelligence. The indigo children have a tendency to get attracted towards addiction and parents should take care of this at an early stage.

Indigo Artist:

These people exhibit artistic qualities and they are creative in nature. They excel in creating excellent stuff in whatever they choose to endorse. Such children will grow up to become writers, poets, designers, actors, teachers, artists, painters and musicians. These individuals will try a lot of genres to identify the field that suits they best. For instance, indigo artists may pursuit artistic genres such as printmaking, pottery, mixed media, watercolors, sculpture, and graphic arts, before they settle down with something that they are masters at.

Indigo Inter-dimensional:

The indigo inter-dimensional will usually exhibit an attitude as if they know everything. Even at an early age, the indigo children surprise their parents and teachers by saying things like ‘I already knew this’ or ‘I can do this’ etc. Sometimes, their superior behaviors might be misunderstood but they are actually thinkers who have vast knowledge. They tend to bring up new ways to spiritual practices which may be different from the conventional.

The biggest struggle of the indigo people is identifying their own personality. Indigo people should connect and communicate with other indigos to realize their powers and understand their traits.