2017 Solar Eclipse: The gateway for freedom

Indigo Solar EclipseDear ones, the 21st August Solar Eclipse will bring us the opportunity to let go of old patterns, behaviors, addictions, habits and routines that no longer serve our purposes and missions on Earth!

This is a call for “being free” and prepared for the next step: To build the New Earth, to bring heaven to earth, to breed love and light! We are light workers, we have to assume our light and be free of old patterns that block us from our true essence! Our hearts are only working half or less than they are prepared to work and shine! Our responsibility is to use 100% of our heart energy, it’s the gateway to be free of any kind of fear or scarcity.

We are here to build Unity, peace, love and light!

We can assume this energy on our hearts just being conscious of it! Tomorrow is important to enter the gateway given by the solar eclipse energy and give our soul the opportunity to be free. Old patterns, like addictions are stones on our path, but they will persist until we give them a command to let go, we only have to tell them that they are no longer serving us and this is a simple way to give it light transmuting in love, to invite new beginnings and opening a space to blossom our beautiful gifts! Earth is calling!

Addictions are very common in Indigo souls, they have so far been serving a purpose, and it’s very important to understand and be aware of it, in order to let go with love, embrace the shadow, love it, and be grateful for its purpose in other times of duality experiences. Now we are entering in a new reality, a reality of Unity consciousness, they are no longer serving us, it’s a priority to let them go!

So, dear ones, if you are resonating with this message it’s time for you to let go of old patterns in your life and be free of chains.

Addictions are ways we found to hide our true essence, our true mission and purpose on Earth. Before coming to Earth we’ve chosen meticulously our family, our friends, our encounters, in order to remind ourselves of old wounds we left unresolved from other lives or experiences. Each person around us is a very important messenger here and now to give an opportunity of healing in our life. When we find ourselves trapped in an addiction, maybe it is a family heritage that is telling us that it is imprinted in our genes and we have the responsibility to let it go from our blood and veins, transmuting in an opportunity of healing and love ourselves. It also can be a mask we found useful in a difficult period of our life in which we wanted to hide, calming and protecting ourselves from anxiety and fears.

Addictions in the duality reality are like shields that we use to protect and hide from something that is making us nervous and anxious, it is a product of fear.

In the Unity consciousness we have no way to hide from our true nature and essence of Love, there’s no space for fear, our hearts shine so bright that is impossible to hide, it is our truth! We are one with love and light, Earth has been ascending till this time and is One with us, our heart is beating more and more, we are all being called to shine with Mother Earth as ONE! Free yourself from the entanglement of the duality perception, it is no longer serving you, it’s time to love our shadows and be grateful for the purpose they served one day!

Give yourself the opportunity to be free, love yourself, be grateful for all that you are and were before!

The solar eclipse energy is a gateway to deprogram and release from fear, RESET and enter the energy of LOVE! It’s your choice to be free!

Old patterns, behaviors, addictions, habits and routines that no longer serve our purposes and missions on Earth have to be released because they have been growing on a fear land, they have been created by fear thoughts. Let’s give a chance to grow our gifts in a Love land, we are co-creators of Love energy, Love is a choice! Where do you want to be? Love or fear?

Love & Light

Rainbow Children Indigo children

Why our Children are being labeled with hyperactivity?

StarseedsMessage from Angelina*
One of our teachers, Angelina, a healing master and elder in Telos, would like to address a question asked regarding the hyperactivity of children on the surface.

I am Angelina, and I wish today to speak to both the children and the adults on the surface regarding hyperactivity and the use of certain drugs to “control” it. Hyperactivity is not understood by your so-called “authorities” on the surface. Much of the hyperactivity demonstrated in this present-day generation of children is in fact their reaction to the overwhelmingly unhealthy environment in which they live. Because of the artificial way of life you have created life on this planet, your precious children are forced to experience constant and abnormal over-stimulation of the pituitary and pineal glands, as well as their physical senses.
Much has been said about diet and exposure to your media of television, music and movies. These are also serious concerns.

The constant bombardment of the senses by the microwave technologies and wave forms that enter your energetic and physical bodies from television sets, cell phones and microwave ovens disrupts the important ongoing transformation of DNA structure that all these children have come to manifest. In your major cities, the disruption is so great that it is a wonder children and adults can function at all. Each day brings a new invasion of your energy structure by man made energies that do not work well with the Divine Flow.
These energies seek instead, by their nature, to invade and overwhelm the very energetic foundation around you. This technology is not dark per se, but the use and/or misuse of it has created much of the darkness and distorted energy patterns that currently affect you and your children. It interferes dramatically with your intrinsic energetic patterns.
It is very important that you assume responsibility for providing as clean an environment as possible for your children to live in, and especially to sleep in. Bedrooms filled with televisions, VCRs, CD systems, cell or electronic phones, electronic clocks, and other such items must be avoided.
Children must be given a clean environment in which to regenerate and restore balance each evening. The level of toxicity in your foods, your building materials and your environment must be addressed and corrected. This situation is not conducive to their maturation and evolution in the manner needed for them to accomplish the goals they came here to manifest.
The build-up of heavy metals in your children’s physical systems is a major contributor to hyperactivity, as well as other nervous and systemic conditions.


Water, clean water, is a daily necessity for these children, as well as for everyone else. In general, the liquids you and your precious children ingest through your mouth daily are harmful to your body and soul. You must work to clean up your water supplies and remove the toxic chemicals, such as fluoride. Those of you who live in cities must filter your water before drinking, and use natural products for bathing that are free of toxic chemicals.
There are many effective natural products currently available to you that will reduce levels of toxicity, rather than the culturally fashionable ones. Use them daily to ensure that every member of your family has a vital life force and a balanced system. You must reduce or eliminate the amount of soda pop, artificial drinks, coffee, alcoholic beverages and other toxic substances that you have become so accustomed to ingesting as part of your daily diet. Pure water still remains the main source of liquid that will assist in rebalancing the body to its natural and healthy state. The solution for children is not to medicate them, but to correct the imbalances created in their bodies by their environment. What is needed to achieve this balance is different for each child. In any healing crisis, each individual has a set of characteristics that requires a unique healing tools. The process of healing should be entered into, in a supportive way by both parents and children together. In many cases, the child may not recognize the hyperactivity, but knows only that he or she is not functioning in a way adults and society expect. Such a situation creates guilt and shame for the child, and it is imperative that this kind of circumstance be avoided.
We are beings who desire balance, and the more a child can be shown how to achieve that balance, the more he will gravitate toward it.


The new children are here to guide us to a greater understanding of what will maintain and balance the energies of the surface at this time. They are here to lead us to a more gentle manner of living and a more heart-centered approach to all relationships, both personal and social.
My first suggestion is to take your children to a healer, or as you call them on the surface, a medical intuitive, who has had experience with children. Ask for a snapshot of your child’s current energetic state, for it is important to remember that the physical symptoms of hyperactivity are simply the body’s reaction to an energetic imbalance. There are many natural methods that can be used to balance your child’s energy bodies. These include herbs, flower essences, exercise, meditation, yoga, chi gong and tai chi. Children will benefit greatly from a mineral rich and balanced diet of good fruits, vegetables, grains and an adequate amount of healthy protein, because growing children in your environment still need sufficient quality protein. Their diet should be a balance of all factors, as should yours, including acid/alkaline mix, natural rather than processed sugar content, vegetable versus animal protein, and sufficient living foods versus dead processed foods. There is also a great deal that can be done energetically through chakra balancing and color and crystal therapies. Toning and drumming are very supportive to the system.
Music therapy is a soothing form of balancing for hyperactive children. Session work, in groups or individually, that involves both verbal and energetic therapy also supports their re-balancing. Creative therapies such as painting, drawing and writing are also very beneficial. Video games and excessive television are not the answer. Children who have incarnated on the surface now are working to re-balance their brain chemistries, their endocrine systems and their physical senses in order to access and run a higher vibration of energy. They have entered into incarnation with a different limbic system than you possess and a clearer perception of what their life force should feel like.
They will rebel against all attempts to force them into a way of being that does not intrinsically resonate with their true divine nature.


They will “short-circuit” at a greater rate than any prior generation if not given a suitable nurturing, calming and supportive environment in which to live. Their need for a true heart-supported community is very strong. The ties they bring with them from communities such as Telos and others will vibrate strongly in their emotional bodies. They must be nurtured properly. They will gain much from group situations where they are invited to participate in community, civic and school activities that allow them to be creative and responsible and interact with people of all ages.
Allowing older children to work with younger children as mentors, and adults with children as guides and muses creates wondrous connections that will open hearts and assist the transformation of the core of your society. In truth, the things that will help your hyperactive children are available all around you, without the assistance of pharmaceutical drugs. You need only make positive changes in your environment and also the children’s. There is no need to drug their systems to control, in a very synthetic manner, behaviors that your society deems inappropriate. It is counter-productive to recognize the symptom but refuse to admit and address the underlying cause. The solution comes from the use of tools and skills that you already have around you to assist your children.

These children are here to give you the opportunity to manifest mutual help and cooperation.


*Text extracted from “Telos- Volume 2: Messages for the Enlightenment
of a Humanity in Transformation”, by Aurelia Louise Jones