Why Indigo ? More About The Indigo Color

Why Indigo  More About The Indigo Color - IndigoTest.orgIndigo is a color between electric blue and violet. This color is significant to indigo children in a way that they recognize their inner souls in the vibration of this color. Each color vibrates a certain frequency, and this one vibrates their specific frequency, for them it’s a feeling like “being home”. They are here to help in the transmutation process of Mother Earth energy, helping transmute the negative energy on positive energy (bringing love, compassion and peace to the world). Violet color is associated to the “violet ray” of transmutation, so it’s a sense of identification with their cause, with their great mission on Earth: to bring and share love, compassion and peace with the world. This color also relates to the 6th chakra, the third eye, which in adults and indigo children is very active, the wisdom and intuitive chakra, like their old souls. They vibrate on this color!

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