What Are The Most Common Rainbow Children Traits?

The benevolent earth embraces people of all types and traits, since the time of its millennium shift, individuals from the other universe have also come to live here. There have been some special kids around the world, they are called the ‘star kids’. These kids may look like any other normal children but when you look closer they exhibit traits that are really special.

What are rainbow children?

Among the different types of special children, the Rainbow children are the most recent kind of kids that walk on this planet. They are distinguished by their individual abilities and traits, which are in some ways quite common to the crystal or indigo children.

Experts believe that the rainbow children started taking birth in around the year 2000 and since then they have been prevalent. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether a kid is a rainbow child or normal like other children in his or her age group, however here are a few important traits common to the rainbow children and these traits are helpful in determining whether or not a child is a rainbow child.

The rainbow children are new types of kids on this world and they will enable the world to the next ascension of the human kind.

Rainbow Children Indigo children

What are the common traits of rainbow child?

  • If you have ever come across special rainbow kids, you will be surprised by their loving nature and their ability to forgive things and people. This is something you do not normally see in other children of the same age. Furthermore, the rainbow children are also capable of forgiving in the unconditional manner.
  • Rainbow children are blessed with a strong sense of determination. Behind their sweet and innocent facial features, they have a strong willed nature capable of handling all sorts of challenges of difficulties that might arise on their path.
  • Telepathy has always been related to as being extra terrestrials, and the rainbow children are known to show signs of telepathy. They also have a strong sixth sense and they are able to predict or tell things even before they actually happen. As a result of their telepathic abilities, it often takes them some time before they are able to speak, sometimes 2-3 years.
  • Another very common trait that you will notice in the rainbow children is that they have high amounts of energy, plus they are strongly enthusiastic throughout the day. If you study these children closely, you will know that they are more in sync with the spiritual world, and their mind floats in a world of their own. It has been often observed that these types of children also experience astral projection.
  • If you have ever encountered any type of rainbow children you will see that they are not at all egoistic, in a similar fashion like the Crystal and Indigo children. These kids are often blessed with big and soulful eyes that will penetrate your soul when they are looking at you. Another important, yet common trait of the rainbow children is that they are very trustworthy.

Rainbow children do exist and there are numerous sources that have confirmed this. The numbers of evidences and witnesses are also increasing exponentially as more people come to know of these types of incredible children in the world, and many people believe that they will lead us to the next DNA upgrade.

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